Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sing Like Yourself

Sing Like Yourself

One Hundred Faces by Sharon Tomlinson
36" x 12" on wood
 It was very hard to photograph the whole piece.
To get all 100 in one photo (above), I spliced together sections (below).
Don't look too close, the splicing is not so perfect. 

found poem "100"  by Sharon Tomlinson
For a moment she wondered about something to entertain
before blinking she picked faces.

She picked
beautiful dreamy eyes
spicy lips
unruly hair
sweet cheeks
shy and inquiring
a hand

to see
"sing like yourself"

ps: I still have more to say about One Hundred Faces but will leave that for another post. 

Dont' forget, sing like yourself!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Face No 100 deserves her own post

She Deserves a Post of Her Own
One Hundred Faces
Face No 100
Although I have more to share and show about the ending of One Hundred Faces, I thought this last face must have all of the attention of this post.
She deserves the lime light, if you will.

Some of you encouraged me to paint a self portrait in this No 100 position.
Even though I declined, in my eyes, (pun intended) there is a likeness.
I do have green eyes.
And I do have a look of sadness, gloom, or sorrow when my face is in a relaxed state.
Some folk even might accuse me of being mad.
My nose is not that long.
And I don't think that is my lips.
Even though I don't wear head gear as such, on close observation you might see a tuft of gray hair at the edges.
All the flowers are me and I don't know whose gaudy dangle that is. 

beginning with a sketch
 Three weeks lapsed between No 99 and No 100. 
Only because I am so involved in other fun stuff.
Still, I began to put a little pressure on myself to finish, as you do, when being pulled between passions.
So, one morning, I picked up a little piece of yellow card stock and thought to myself, "if I just get a quick sketch out of my head, I can go forward." 
So I did. 
I loved the sketch so much, I enlarged and transferred it to the No 100 position and started to paint.
I do regret that she is so solemn; however, my feeling about such is perhaps it is representational of the little splashes of self portrait that shows up in all of our faces.  

Row One and Two in the scheme of One Hundred Faces

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Art of Eating Yogurt

yogurt in a crock pot
  Since finding this instruction on Ruth Soukup's blog Living
Well Spending LessI have been making my own yogurt.

If you love plain yogurt that you can add your own good stuff to, you must try this.
It is so easy, I will never buy yogurt again.

I'm in the routine of it now and make it every two weeks usually on Monday....which my in-the-house wash day.
straining yogurt


my setup to separate the whey from the yogurt
 You don't have to strain it.

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

my curds and whey
 The small tub stacked on top will be my starter for the next batch.
homegrown peaches with homemade yogurt
Sometimes, I just drizzle a little honey over the yogurt.
Sometimes, squeeze lemon in too. 
Sometimes I add small amount of grapenuts.
Sometimes I add fruit spread, any flavor. 
Try adding dried bananas.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Garden Tour

I stepped out the back door about 6:30 am and took this from the patio. 
It is raining and still darkish.
Note the Guinea running away on the left. 

some of God's greatest creations
Brown-Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta
Rose-Gentian Sabatia campestris

the new roses are blooming

day lilies -  sansevieria - white rose of Sharon - pink oxalis

the non-photogenic cucumber - first straight neck squash

2014 peach crop

cherry tomatoes (first)

bell peppers (first)

this guy has been hiding

another view

bucket of 3 tomatoes - the hiding cucumber - 4 squash - 2 peppers - 5 marigolds

look five marigolds

 about the Garden Palace this week
me toting a little bench to the attic - a make-shift saw horse

painting rafters

closing in the gable ends

beadboard from 1910 for the attic

Saturday, June 21, 2014

There were no birds in the dime-zone

One Hundred Faces
Face No 98
 I had to push myself to paint one more tiny dime size face. 
The last one.
But then I thought to myself, "there are no birds in the dime-zone." 
That's all it took. 
One Hundred Faces
Face No 99
It was like a warm-up.
I was then in a groove and so ready to paint No 99. 
I was full of inspiration to do it different.
I'm not sure you can tell, but I went about painting her with a little different technique. 
Well, I thought I it was different.
I built up thin watery layers of paint. 
And I used my finger a lot. 

Oh yes, I just want to tell you about that luscious greenish color you see in the top right and lower left area and even on the face.
I mixed Raw Umber and Primary Cyan.
I'll be doing that again.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Garden Palace Lamp project

Chalk Paint and Golden mixed
 I've had this old vintage lamp lingering in the garage for ever. 
When I happened upon this tutorial for changing a lamp from electrical to cordless, I knew exactly what to do with the lamp. 

In case you don't remember, the Garden Palace has no electricity. 

I have been spending a lot of sweaty hours working in the attic of the GP and I tell you when I'm over there I get filled to full and overflow with inspiration. 
When I first saw the tutorial I ordered the necessary supplies for the lamp change but waited for color inspiration. 
The lamp was ugly and was spray painted gold. 
Ugly gold. 

The attic spoke.
My color palette in the attic will be very light pastel and creamy white colors because there are only two windows and the GP has no electricity. 

I have big plans for aqua in the attic.
So the first thing on the list is an aqua lamp.
lamp in progress
 I have one little Old White sample jar of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I decided to experiment with mixing my own aqua.
I used Golden heavy body Cobalt Teal and little by little added to a puddle of Old White chalk paint until I had the color I wanted. 

The thing that I love about Annie Sloan paint is 
no preparation is needed and
it sticks to anything.
For example, this old spray painted metal lamp.

While in the experimental mode, I decided to add a paper napkin.
I probably could have made a better choice of napkin but I like it OK. 
Painted Lamp
 After painting and adding the napkin, I used the Annie Sloan clear wax first and then I add the dark wax. 
I do love the aged effect.
Painted Lamp
When I was staging the photo showing the end result, I realized how pretty these two paintings look with the lamp. 
Aqua is one of my colors. 

FYI: the bulb is a 12volt LED, the kind used in RVs.

I'm now on the hunt for a shade which will be another GP project in the future. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

About the Guinea Ghost in the Greenhouse


Each week just before posting my greenhouse and gardens update, I go out and take a new picture.
You may have noticed my Guinea in the picture. 
He walks around and around looking at his reflection all-day-long. 
I finally surmised that he thinks it is his lost partner who met his demise last fall. 
Sometimes, he goes inside looking for the guinea ghost. When he doesn't find him, he comes right back out. Then he walks around and around again until he sees the reflection.
Sometimes I look out my kitchen window and see him sitting close to the greenhouse just looking at the ghost. 
When I passed on the mower last week, I could see what he sees. 
A perfect reflection of himself. 
It's sad.
Shadows and reflections in the Garden Palace attic
 The week started and ended with rain totalling two inches.
Not much gardening happened and
I'm feeling pulled these days between the gardening and work in the Garden Palace and painting faces. 
Trying to do all.
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
 The white butterfly bush is blooming.
Purple Cone Flower
 I found two more Purple Cone Flowers. 
One in bloom (above) and one that may bloom later (below).
Purple Cone Flower Seedling

Red Toad Stool
I don't remember ever seeing a toad stool like this.
before work training the rose up the trellis 

The  one chore that did get done this week was tying the rose up the trellis. 
As you can see, I could not mow around the trellis because the canes were growing out along the ground. 

job done
 It's not so pretty yet and won't bloom again until next spring but at least I can mow close when I go out to mow this afternoon. Then I can weed around the base. 
Purple Leatherflower (Clematis Pitcheri)
 The wild clematis is still blooming but I wanted to show the seed pods.
The green balls with pointy things are the seed pod.

inside the clematis
I will be watching close for them to dry.
 I hope to propagate some this year but will wait until they dry before collecting. 
Klimt patio and garden

This garden on the right is my next big project. 
The liriope has to be divided.
There are some "trash" trees that have popped up and have to be removed.
The day lilies have taken over the bed and is about to bloom.
I'm moving the birdbath to this little garden.
Stupid Kitty has discovered me in the yard and is coming to meet me. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I thought she was a nobody

One Hundred Faces
Face No 96
 During and after painting number 96 this morning, I kept thinking she is just a nobody.
My thumb covers the whole square. 
How could she ever be seen in this crowd. 
One Hundred Faces
Face No 97
Same thing about number 97. 
Just a nobody.
Faces 96 and 97 with a bunch of .......

They are all nobodies.
I mean, look!

But in the scheme of 97 faces, they fit right in.