Sunday, October 29, 2006


You know, for close up detail, just click on the picture. About Miss Piggy, you'll know which one she is...well she came to the party uninvited. I decided she could stay.
So now what, you ask. I probably won't work much more this weekend and I can tell you I'm getting FLESH out of my system. I was challenged to try a different FLESH tone for each of these color fairies. Working this small is also a challenge.
I hope you are enjoying watching my page in progress. Are you?
More later,


  1. GORGEOUS! I'm glad you let Miss Piggy stay ~ she is awesome.
    Have a great week.

  2. I came upon your blog via the link from the comment you left at Tessha's blog. Glad to see another Sharon from Texas who makes art!! It's interesting to see the progress of your work. Question: Is your "Flesh" True Colors book a collaborative project or something your creating by yourself? ~Sharon

  3. Your book is interesting. It is rather like 'the many faces of the feminine'.
    Very expressive. Wonderful usage of color.

  4. Wonderful Sharon! And I too, love miss piggy!

  5. Wow, no I don't know about these pages...I have to go look down thru your blog and catch up with this.

    All I know is that these paintings / illustrations are Wonderfullll!!!

  6. I wasn't sure who's blog I was on at first, your work was gorgeous anyway but these last few pieces have such ooompf! Stunning!

  7. Yes, I was enjoying that! thanks