Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Beginning

More "Sisters" in progress. I can't stop myself from showing. If I snap a get to see it whether you won't to or not.

Excited that our internet guy came this evening and we might be fixed for a little while. It's working!!!!!

Will be out of the office tomorrow so don't call for any insurance and there will be no art-at-the desk either.

My junkin friend and I are going to the 25 mile treasure hunt thing. And if you see me and I have an armload of old books, remind me that I don't need anymore right now.

I'll be back Saturday with more of the above painting. It's going pretty well and I'm about to get back to it.

Thank You Etsy shoppers....for shopping. And Thank You again blogger buddies for all your commenting. I have tried to get back to each of you but with my puter here on strike, it has been slow. If I missed thanking you, give me another chance.
Enough for now,


  1. Sharon, I just love love love your art! Your magic just floods right out of the computer screen. Well, my computer screen. Sounds like yours may be on the blink.

  2. Sharon I love this beautiful.
    I would love to put your link on my blog if that is OK?

  3. i love your work, it's gorgeous. very sort of thirst-quenching. do you paint the faces or are they photos that you work over? same with the hands...?

  4. Love the sisters artwork, so beautiful.

  5. This is looking lovely already, Sharon...can't wait to see the next instalment. I so appreciate you sharing the different stages with us as I'm so new to mixed media art and I find it very helpful.

    I hope you find lots of useful goodies on your treasure hunt. Have fun ~ :)

  6. Happy junking. One can never have enough old book. I need to use some of mine.



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