Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend finished

If I'd made a list for the weekend, it would have had one thousand things to do on it. Sure glad I didn't write all that down because I managed very little and yet I never stopped until now.

I never dreamed how long it would take to do my Christmas cards. The cards are done. That was major.

I took care of other art related things and tried to get caught up on "stuff". And did. Somewhat. "Stuff" did not include housework.

At the end of the day, I just had to play a little and could not send out blank envelopes this time of the year. Thank you Sharon and thank you Laura. These two little packages are on their way tomorrow.

Expect blessings,

PS can I just say, "I don't like what Flicker has done regarding the sizing of photos"


  1. What stunningly beautiful artwork Sharon - the recipients won't be able to believe their luck.
    Inspirational stuff as always!
    Linda x

  2. Someone is going to be happy when the mail arrives.

    I don't *flicker* so can't say about the photo's.


  3. Look at these amazing cards! -- so festive!

    I love your verb "expect."

    Happy Holidays!


  4. These are gorgeous - love the reindeer! These look so very elegant!

  5. Your mail art looks lovely as usual. I hope your recipients appreciate the care that goes into your cards.


  6. Hi Sharon,
    It is beginning to feel a lot like "Christmas".
    I am going to be counting the days till the mail lady arrive's with your package. LOL.
    Just stunning, thank you !!!
    xox Laura.
    I am excited.

  7. Very beautiful! Even the mailman will have a treat delivering those. I haven't visited flickr lately so I'll have to see.

  8. Oh my goodness. What wonderful *mail* art! Lucky girls!

    Thanks for dropping by. Mr. Dragon and I went to a concert last evening with some friends. We got a goody bag from them that contained ... wait for it ... ready ... NAPKINS! Yippee!

    Glad you are back from your posting break. You were missed!

  9. These cards are simply stunning.
    Happy Holidays!


  10. These envelopes are magic! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Love it! Glad you got finished! You are a better man than me......I didn't make mine this year (didn't buy them either...LOL). Guess I will have to send out a New Years Letter :)

  12. the colors are magnificent, my friend, and so lovely to spy here this early morning. I head to that place now.........but it's FRIDAY!!!!

    Yippeeeeee xo Rella

  13. Sharon your envelopes are just beautiful... I love the stamps you have carved to use on them (so clever).