Friday, May 20, 2011

The Lesson on DVD

Hey all,
It's me watching me on my big TV and excited about it.  I feel like I have conquered one of the tallest mountains around.  And I'm almost to the top.

I have some pretty lousy excuses for not showing up around here.  But some good ones too.   I won't even go over the lousy ones except to say I have been doing a little brooding which doesn't accomplish much at all.

The good excuse is that I have been working on this DVD project.  The DVD is Pansies In My Garden Morning Faces.  The Lesson is painting the face and hair of the painting.

While I was painting this I videoed just the face and hair painting hoping that I would be able to offer a DVD.  I'm really really close.  I have a few more details to work out but I will be offering this DVD soon.

I'm heading into a busy Artful and Art filed weekend.  Hope you are too.
♥ Sharon


  1. Ooo how exciting!
    She is beautiful!
    Do you show the background, the bird and wings too???

  2. A painting DVD? What a brilliant idea. Your are not only a talented artist but your are getting to be a whiz with the technical stuff too.

    Thanks for your comment on my little illustration, your opinion carries a lot of weight with me.


  3. O Yay Sharon! I can't even imagine how difficult making a dvd're always up to something grand!

  4. Yeah Sharon! I know this will be good - Getting to the top of the mountain is tough, but o so rewarding :)

  5. Sharon- I would be very interested in a cd. I hope it works out. I'll be watching and waiting!

  6. great sharon,count me in for sure,I love your teaching
    my life is opening up also ,must be the season
    sandy from calif

  7. A DVD sound exciting. Glad you getting to have some fun this weekend. Love this painting. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. looks amazing. congratulations on conquering a goal. feels great doesn't it?!!

  10. Can't wait!! Love your next painting. Wow!!