Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Secret included here

Oh how I adore Madge Gill!  
I knew when England came up in the Postcard Challenge, I would be trying one of hers. 
I have been inspired by her work before
This time, I felt challenged to actually go with pen and ink.
Must tell you how relaxing this was.
You should try it. 

Here is a little secret.
The last seven pages in my Postcard Challenge are included in my new class, 
A Diary of Faces.
Don't miss it.
Registration ends July 8th.


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Madge. I love pen and ink and did a lot of it back in the day. Think I'll have to dig out those supplies and try again.

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  3. Love the pen and ink image! I have never heard of Margaret Gill, but am liking her style :D XXX

  4. Great postcard and page. I too have never heard of Margaret Gill. Will found out more.

    Janet xx

  5. Loving these post cards and can't wait till class starts Ms. Sharon! Way Excited!!!!

  6. Love the art! Love the project...if I didn't work full time.. I would definitely sign up for the class...I just don't have the time to dedicate...I'm whining. You have to come out with DVD's in the near future of your classes! The Sharon Tomlinson Collection....please, please!!!!

  7. Lovely postcard and page.
    Jen x