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All Norah'S Art, my Ning classroom network will be closing July 29, 2015.

Registration for the classes will end on Monday June 29, 2015

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Play ART Together

All Norah'S Art
Here is a huge ginormous thank you to all who have signed up for A Diary of Faces e-course. I am beyond excited!
It really is going to be supercalifradalisticxpealadochas  (don't check my spelling on that) !!!!!!
And a little reminder:  Registration will end July 8th.
Two more days to register!!!

Three more days until Start date!!!

Know that just because the class ends November 9, 2012, your access to the class continues for and indefinite period. 

Go to All Norah'S ART, main page, for all the class details and Paypal button. 

I'll be watching for you. Thank you! I appreciate you!!

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