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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Nearly everyone was on their way home and I felt extremely blessed to have a couple of extra days at the convent in Orvieto . I passed this painting in the hallway about a gillion times.  Now it was quiet and I stood with it and sketched in my 2010 journal. 

I don't really know if it is a sketch or print as it is behind glass and unsigned. I really liked the monochromatic tones and so when I took my sketch to the studio, I was inspired to try my best to keep the tones as close to sepia and gold as I could.  This is one of my favorites. 

There is much more that I could share from Orvieto but I will call this my last installment. Probably. Maybe. Will see. 


  1. GASPING at the beauty! don't make it your last. i am loving these stories "lingering in the convent" hear others relish their time is fullfilling in so many ways.

  2. Wonderful. I absolutely LOVE it that you are a "ghost" image in some of your photographs. The reflection from the glass gives it an ethereal feeling....especially the angel images. I about swooned with envy when I read about you sitting outside and listening to the monks sing. What an awesome memory to cherish!!

  3. oh no... not your last. I have loved them all - loved each image you shared. I love this one too. Everyday I walked past her and she caught my attention! You captured her beautifully!

    Much love my friend
    Love Jeanne-Marie
    PS - I sent you a message on Esty - not sure if you got it?

  4. love your writing and your beautiful painting, x

  5. She is one of my favorites, too, though I love them all! She is so beautifully interpreted by you!

  6. You have outdone yourself with this one Sharon. Oh, those eyes! Have to say, I like your rendition the best!

  7. I have been absent alot from commenting, so much going on at our house. But just had to stop and say how beautiful this is and how much I love all your work. When the remodel is done, I hope to settle into seeing all that you do. Hugs, mary

  8. She's beautiful, Sharon. I like the colors that you chose.

  9. Beautiful work Sharon. I really like the color palette you used. Different from your usual but lovely indeed.


  10. sharon, wow... i've been wandering around, gazing a recent paintings, and i am smitten with *everything*. and those postcards!! truly, words escape me. beautiful, soulful faces you're painting...



  11. So wonderful Sharon, It's so great to see your work here! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Hugs, Stephani

  12. What a lovely post,beautiful photo,and sketch.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Lovely Norah! I really love your art style :)


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