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Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Friday Already


came with my wish 204803 in the form of a little pink tissue flower. The first thing I did was stick it down in the 'notes' section of my calendar.

(do you remember how irresistible tissue is to me?)

It has been a great reminder this week. breathe....

Then the doodling started. Plus it seems I always find a little bit of something to glue stick down. Usually it is to cover up something. You know, one of those creative opportunities. The green and gold also came with wish 204803.

This week's paper fortune was cut apart before adding it. I like that. The little rambling vine was a holdover from The Wingers page. You may not have noticed it. I discovered it to be a great fun thing to do, write in pencil and doodle in pencil as the first layer of the painting. Watch for more of that.

These little vines are so fun. Here is what you do. Put your pencil down and mark a little line. Then, make a little leaf and pencil it in. Back the pencil up the stem and go another direction and make a little leaf and pencil it in and so on and so on. Try it.

Oh yes, I'm in a green mode...I think.

Another thing, I feel this doodle inspiring my weekend art. That's cool.

Hope your weekend is full of silly laughter and ART. Mine too.

More later,



  1. I love the HO HO...made me laugh. The little vines are quite sweet. Will you paint them later or leave as it?
    Your nest is awesome...
    Rella ...taking a breath

  2. I'm loving this - all of it - the whole thing - I'm hoping that you are wishing for more wishes - this piece is beautiful!

    My son and I were in a super groove this afternoon - his Mojo Monkey is divine and I did some loop dee loops -

    xox - eb.

  3. Loop dee loo and Mojo monkey are up

    xox - eb.

  4. I love your Friday doodles. They are so fresh! Keep showing them :-)I know your love tissue paper (as I do!) but do you use napkins too? They are great for collage if you only keep the thin printed layer.

  5. Another lovely Friday doodle Sharon, they're so free and spontaneous


  6. Like your work Sharon! I found you through eb.
    I have a Japanese friend does a special type of Japanese art which incorporates each brush strokes with a breath.


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