Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Very Daring


Inspired by Misty's Self Portrait this week.

My big dragon (I showed last week) is at home but I had the image here. So I did a little digital collage. I use Picture It Publishing program here at my desk.

You don't get to see my double chin, and it is very daring of me to show my baggy eyes.

You can see more here.

More later,



  1. But all of those attributes are things that you have earned on the way to being who you are! We need every line and wrinkle for our creativity...( my son just finished Harry Potter and insists that my fly-away hair and overhang stomach will not get me bumped off, LOL!)

  2. Yeah!! Love the hibiscus in your hair, and the wings like a bowtie under your neck...
    and now that I see your eyes better, they are such wise eyes!

  3. now if i can only find a dragonfly...blessings, rebecca

  4. it is lovely to see you! what a wonderful self-portrait. :)

  5. Life and art are all about daring :-) I love your beautiful self-portrait.

  6. This is a wonderful portrait Sharon you look so serene