Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chance, Luck and Destiny

I'm wondering, are you up for a challenge?

I am feeling really challenged right now as by mere chance last night I injured my poor sick foot and can not even stand on it.
I am trying real hard not to think of the possibility of missing my Italy trip.
Or at the least, I'm trying not to think of hobbling through the Rome airport.
It is making me feel sick with swarms of some creatures in my stomach.
And I'm just trying to get my mind off of the pain with a challenge of my own doing.
I am always ShArOn.
While gathering some papers and text and images and other collage ephemera
for my Italy trip,
I found a poem in an old book, Chance, Luck and Destiny, that I have used for a visual journal.

I am getting to the challenge....really

This is only one page of  the poem.
The poem is by Peter Dickenson and is from his book, Chance, Luck and Destiny.

So, here is the challenge:

I am challenged to "paint words" sometimes.  Are you?
When I read the first lines of this page,
"Ow, Lady in red petticoats,
Now will you be my bride?"

I was listening to my imagination when it went wild!
I haven't started anything yet and so I thought there might be someone out there who would enjoy a little kick-start.

If those words inspire you to "paint" them,
I hope you will jump in and join me.
If you do, let us know. We will want to see.
♥ Sharon


  1. Sharon;
    I am sorry to hear about your foot. I pray for healing for you before your Italy trip. That is my "dream" trip! I love your journal page, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope you haven't done anything serious Sharon!!!Get better soon, big hug.
    That poem is lovely, I love it too when words give us inspiration and I think it is wonderful when we can express through art the things we sometimes are not able to say in words.
    I am willing to let this poem help me paint something in my art journal and I will keep you posted.

  3. hope your foot heals before your trip, sharon...i know your concern so well...before i was going on a trip to paris i broke my wrist and decided to put the trip off..that was many years ago and i still have not made that trip.....healing vibes sent your way.....;)

  4. This is not good news, and I was here before and didn't post as I was in a hurry. I know you will do whatever you can to get that foot in shape to travel. I want you to be able to go.

    We will see what my mind can do with the words. I would like a full screen of thoughts.

    YOur journal page is so nice, I am inspired by journals, but can't seem to do them for some reason.
    You would think I would love to fill pages with stuff wouldn't you?
    You make me want to do everything else and I want to do that, but have a paralysis in doing.

    I am having good healing foot thought.

  5. I'm sending you nothing but good thoughts through the air my dear lady!

  6. Great poem. I really like that you are going to "paint the words".

    Now work on getting that foot in good shape to travel.


  7. Genial fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

  8. I just stumbled on this challenge by accident this weekend so am a little late to the party but played a whimsical version anyway. thanks for the challenge and I hope your foot is healing up!

  9. I don't know how badly you are injured, but wanted to share one thing. I had a trip to Barcelona/Italy planned in the fall of 2001. Four days before I was supposed to leave, I was in a car accident and had severe whiplash. The doctor said, "You can go and be in pain in Italy, or you can stay home and be in pain here." I went to Europe and had to make some modifications to what I wanted to do and get more rest than I'd planned, but I never regretted going. :)