Friday, September 03, 2010

Two Girls

I started two girls last weekend and hope to continue and finish this weekend.  Sometimes I'm OK with 15 minutes of progress at a time and sometimes it is not good for me.

I get bored so quickly and want to move on because while I'm painting, I am zoning out to another and another and another in my head.

That brings on so much frustration becuase there is not enough hours in a day or I should say in a morning to get them all painted.

I brought them through the ugly stage.  Well almost through it; however, when the painting is injected with hours between little spirts of progress, then I begin to question everything about it.

Not everything about the painting but my style and why it looks the way it does when that is not what I want it to look like.  
I see/find inspiration everywhere. This piece was inspired by magazine pictures. And here is what I think about that.
It is rather obvious but I think when I am looking at photos of real people for reference, then I can't get the whimsy that I like. And when I'm painting from my minds eye, I'm not sure I get the depth that I want. 

I will continue to think about this through the weekend and maybe put the two together somehow.

Are you totally confused?  I am!
♥ Sharon 


  1. oh sharon, i think this is wonderful...i just love your faces!!!! i am loving the class with you and deryn, by the way...

  2. I understand, what you say hit me with what I think all the time, if I just sit down and get my sketch done and start, no photo then I like the painting better, Yet, then they all start to look alike.
    So I do a little of each sometimes, and then try to remember things from other photos, and your classes, and move along.

    Your sketch and quite a lot of beginning looks beautiful, I especially like the cheek on the girl on the right. that is a clue of how that face will be different.

    I am wishing you good art this weekend and not scattered thoughts.

    A huge thanks.

  3. I love watching your process. I try and probably don't try enough and over and over so i'm not happy with my face sketches. :)Bea

  4. Sharon these two faces are lovely and it is so nice of you to share the process with.
    Love your two little girls for inspiration...we find inspiration everywhere dont we?

    Jacky xox

  5. I certainly do understand what you're talking about. It's really about finding "you" in the painting. That happy medium between the reality of the photograph and the reality of your mind!
    I will be looking forward to watching how you go about looking for this happy medium as I too am on this same search!

  6. Inspiration is inspiration! It doesn't matter where it comes from. What matters is being inspired at all.

    As always, you inspire me with your wonderful art.

  7. I love this one, I love your blog, so inspiring, it always makes me wanna go and paint someting! :)

  8. love the feel this painting has sharon, thanks for sharing, its nice to know that those doubts are with many of us, not just me :)) xx

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I love these two...they are really the drawing before the painting as well...thanks for sharing...xx.julia

  10. Sharon, you have hit the nail on the head for me. I never finished the painting of my granddaughter that I started in your Darker Skin Tones class. That is why, I have difficulty making it look naturally like her. When I just make up a face it is different, I have more flexibility, I can leave blank, or do a face.....sometimes. I like what someone said, about finding "you" in the painting.....that is the has to speak to me someway and tell me what it wants to be...I sound like Mystele now...........keep going, love learning from you...........

  11. I love how it is coming together but I understand your frustration. Thank you for being so honest about your struggles. It helps me realize that this happens to even very talented people. I appreciate the courage it takes to put yourself out there to inspire us. Be kind to yourself as you figure this out(and I know you will)

  12. Anxiously awaiting the finished product!!

  13. You know, a lot of the time I love your faces just as they are in the "ugly" stage as you call it. I see them as darn good and appealing in every stage!!

  14. hahah

    I know EXACTLY what you mean by the ugly stage!!! so many people quit before the faces become beautiful again...

    Love your work and will save up so I can join towers & turrets,