Thursday, April 14, 2011

 Miss Ashley Kay came to watch a movie with her Nana this past weekend and of course they, the grand kids, always have to endure their Nana's show and tell.

Well well, when Miss Ashley saw the chunky pink plastic beads in the bead box, she knew immediately that she wanted a piece made with them.  She doesn't have any problem expressing what she wants.  Loud and clear she said, "Oh Nana, I want one made with these".

That was so perfect because I bought the package not knowing they were plastic.  I hoped they were big chunky hunks of glass.  I ♥ glass beads.

So, Morning ART this week has be the making of this necklace which she also specified the length of.  I decided to use some of my practice "S" links and the hook and eye latch.  I love the big hook and eye and I put it on the side so it would show from the front.

I'm pretty sure she is going to like it.
♥ Sharon


  1. she will love it.....i love it too..boy, we sure treat our grand kids well, don't we..... ;)

  2. She will love it,that's what Gramma's do.
    Check my blog for the huge give away, I love following you !

  3. I'm so impressed! It's a "real" piece of jewelry (as opposed to play jewelry). You're such a natural at it!

  4. Very special gift .....what a very special Nana.

    Jacky xox

  5. Miss Ashley is going to be thrilled with the necklace I'm sure. It is wonderful that she's enthusiastic about your art.


  6. She is going to love this, we do love our grandkids!!! Have a great weekend, Mary

  7. Oh Sharon that is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!