Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello friends and followers.  Creatively, I have mostly been stitching.  Mostly because I can do that while resting in the chair zone.  Lately, I have been inspired to do other things around this home.  Things that I am feeling a renewed passion for like the yard work and other little projects.

I have become very aware of the fact that I am content to do the things that inspire me at-the-moment. I'm not sure you know what I mean by that but I guess there are so many things that are always on my mind that I wish to do and sometimes, I let the weight of all of these thoughts slow me down.  That is not what is happening now.  Now I am just content with what I manage to do at-the-moment and let the enjoyment fill me.

Of course you  know, I would probably be sharing more with you if I could get use to my temporary replacement camera that seems to always need charging.  I'll be so happy when mine gets back from repair.

I'm off now for a secret project I'm working on each morning.  Because I'm expecting a Dear Friend late Sunday who will be here for a few days.

I'm blessed and so are you.


  1. Love the stitches, of course you are using my favorite colors.

    I know you and your Dear Friend will have a wonderful visit.


  2. I can relate to your wish to live in the present moment. It's a concept I find a daily challenge...struggle!!...but I'm determined to make progress and I hope you do as well.

    Have a wonderful "present moment" visit with your friend!

    Love your closing, "I'm blessed and so are you." What a great concept!

  3. Your finished Tree of Life painting is spectacular (from earlier post) Whatever it is you are working on now, at your leisure, is lovely as well. Yes, in the moment is a good place to be.

  4. Your words in this post ring many bells for me, hear the Chimes across the miles? I have an old habit that never leaves, the minute I wake up I think what did I do yesterday that matters today?
    Things of a personal nature, things in various catagories.
    You have a calm about this it seems or feels from these words you wrote.

    I wonder if when the pioneer women stitched together on quilts it calmed them, I have read they recognized it as therapy, I think sewing is therapy even machine stitching, the putting together of patterns of course is so pleasant to me.

    I see the magic of seamlessness works well when you carry the fabric pattern onto the next fabric with threads. I like the challenge of blending when quilting.

    And now I have to go shorten some jeans, that is not so rewarding, but will feel good tomorrow.

    It is a gift to enjoy many things I think.

  5. Hi, I'd to love follow your blog..there's lots I see and identify with here :o) I baught an orange, very patchy, Nepalese jaket very close to this style, about two years ago...and love it.