Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

backdoor window

Dear Friend,
I'm so excited about your visit that I can think of nothing else. I am counting down and OMGoodness, it is three days and a few hours!!!

So I have decided to reveal my surprise before you get here because I know how you are. I know you are all in a dither because I said, "I'm working on a surprise for you. But it's not something you can have. It is just something to look at while you are here." I told you it is "no biggie".

Well, guess what?  It is a biggie. It is the kind of big as "the elephant in the room".
kitchen window

Although we call it The Garden Palace and it is not in the room, you can see it in view from several rooms.  When anyone sees it, they instantly want to go closer and go inside.  That happened last year when my friend Deryn was here.  It is a curiosity.  But I just could NOT let her go in.

The fact is, The Garden Palace is mine and I have neglected it shamelessly.  Here is the problem.  While I have not been tending to things over there, I have had some seasonal (winter) guest move in.  You might even call them squatters, of the furry type.  They found the accommodations to their liking but oh my they are a messy bunch.  I have been so overwhelmed, crushed and disgusted with myself for letting this happen, that I couldn't face it. So no one besides me has been allowed inside The Garden Palace for quiet some time.  

And there really is something quiet fantastic to see over there. And it is only natural that you would want to go over there.  And it is something that I love showing off.  And you simply can not come all the way from
California and then have me say, "sorry, no, you cannot go inside."  It is just a great big little play house full of  things and projects.  

It has a wonderful story to tell and I am excited that you are coming and I want you to see it.  I am  cleaning up the mess so it is somewhat presentable.  I didn't start early enough to get everything done that needs doing.  But I will let you go over and go inside and we will sit and visit about things.

That is my surprise.  The elephant in the room.  But now it really feels like it is more for me than for you. I think I'm confused.

bedroom window

studio Window


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm jumping up and down!!! I get to go in the little house!!! No wonder you told me I can't take my surprise home with me.... It's BEAUTIFUL!!! When in the world do you have time to clean up things... Relax and save your energy so that we can play art 12 hours every day (and walk in beauty, look at birds, visit the 'elephant', and maybe.. just maybe - get to meet Mr. Snake). :-)

  2. Oh Sharon - how fun. I did miss not going over to the Garden Palace when we were there, but didn't realize that someone else was! Oh how I wish I could join you - I wouldn't but in on your visit with Zorana too much. I just would enjoy watching you two play ART. Kris-10

  3. OMG Sharon it looks amazing....I so hope there is a chance you may be able to share it in photos for those of us who can't be there. Please oh please! And how wonderful to share it personally with a dear friend .

  4. Your Garden Palace looks like the perfect place to create, dream, talk and giggle. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. I've loved your little garden palace since I first noticed it in a picture a couple of years ago....I would LOVE to visit will eagerly anticipate seeing it here. You two have a great time!!! hugs, pat