Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Going Full Circle

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar
First Issued 1930, printed in Great Britain
by the Chiswick Press, New Southgate, N.11
for Messers. Eyre and Spottiswoode LTD.

Things become different
so achievements
humble who hardly exceed

In spite
all can boast of the fact
with their death

But what is
the soul and the conscience

a mirror

About six years ago I was inspired to find these words in this old book.  And then, I put it down. I quit. Moved on to other things. Sound familiar?

Well, I'm absolutely overwhelmed and humbled with all of your comments. I heard you say "It's OK...don't paint". I heard all your stories of similar experiences; I heard all you encouragement, praise, love, compassion, understanding, feelings, best wishes, suggestions, and reassurances that this too shall pass. 

I know it will and I know I will want to paint again.  I just needed to say it because sometimes that's all it takes. Understanding and the admission.

So, this morning I stood in front of that stack of Journals and not a single one of them spoke to me. They did not invite me in.  They did not excite me. They did not open me.

Then I saw this little book. You can see it in the picture down there. The top left corner of the big black journal is almost pointing to it. It has a ragged dust cover and sits between the green book and the journal with the fuzzy stuff right at the edge of the picture. 

It is a small book with only 105 pages.  The first thing I'm gonna do is read it. Reading was a suggestion from some of you.  Then I'm going to look for the hidden wisdom that I'm sure is there waiting for me. I intend to share the altered pages with you. I feel as though I'm circling back.

For now, that is my direction. And today, I'm excited about it. And I'm hearing little whispers about using a the alteration.


  1. I understand the creative slump, and sometimes it's necessary to step away. Glad to hear you have whisperings, you are far too talented to stop now...xoxo

  2. Its easy to feel panic when the creativity stops. I had almost two years without any crafty feelings at all, then my dog died and it was the worst time of my life.
    And suddenly in all that grief I started to paint, I looked at blogs and youtube and got interested in hole new techniques that never before had any interest. It will come back, it may take a week or maybe a year, just relax in the meantime, enjoy others creativity, read good books, have a good time.
    Greetiings from Sweden =)

  3. Oh My God :)))) where did you find this book? :))) It's author is one of our great writters, he was Slovenian :) As I am :))))
    This is soooo weard you painting in a book from our famoust writer, all children have to learn about him :)

  4. Sometimes medications can affect one's ability to "create".

    Been there done that. Sometimes stopping medications can affect ones ability to create.

    Sometimes, we just need to sort things out as you do and are.

    Sometimes depression sets in and pfft away one goes into nowhere'sville.
    Some times we are just plain wiped out.
    whatever it is it is all OKAY!
    Discover it, and listen to more whispers and you did the first part very well."Admitting it"..
    I see a stronger artist on the Horizon!
    I will wait. Be patient with yourself.
    We all love you! xo Darlene

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  6. After sharing my soap story, you would think I could shut up!!! This has been a really hard year for me, it started after Christmas 2010 and I am barely hanging on. I have things that I want to do, but then I just let it go by. Hang in there Sweet Friend, we all have times when nothing feels right or worth doing. Hugs, Mary

  7. I love it! Sometimes all it takes is "saying out loud" to get you started!!

  8. Oh no you have hit the wall but I think that is a good thing. It is all coming back to you now I hope and even beter then before I would think. Just be you Sharon that is all it needs!
    Massive hugs!

  9. Yay for you! Finding the end piece to untangle a ball of yarn is often the hardest part. I think you have hold of it. :-)


  10. Follow your 💝 and I will continue to pray that it brings you back to us. Please know that you have been an integral part of my creative journey. I was told by someone when I first joined All Norah's Art that you REALLY, REALLY care about us. Now i know that is true. Your honesty about what you are feeling is in an odd sense a prime example of that. Thanks for being you!!!

  11. I love that you are doing the found words! Some days the words flow or pop right out at you, some days not so much! But it's very relaxing and sometimes as I found brings memories that need to be dealt with. I like that because it's all yours, you can "art your pages" or not. It's a wonderful thing to do when creativy seems to take a backseat for a while. I think maybe you must get overwhelmed with all the different things you do, for sure!! I keep several books for found words going now...keep them in all rooms and any tote bags ready to go with me!! You'll be back after a rest; until then words will help!!

  12. Whew! Good to have you back Sharon!

  13. Whew! Good to have you back Sharon!

  14. Late joining "the party" as first thought was.."no, don't stop," but i totally understand. Now you've found wisdom in those fabulous words from the vintage interesting. Gave me goose bumps! Hang in there...sounds like you are "onto something" big. Can't wait to see what develops!!:)dix---

  15. Sharon, I'm on your page!! I took your "Faces in Collage" class because I wanted to motivate myself to paint again. I've used all kinds of excuses but the truth is I have another lover......Photoshop! Yes, I have to admit I'm hooked. I look at all my paint supplies and start to feel guilty, but.......
    I did complete my picture I painted in your class and I keep telling myself I'm going to start another one. Then I go right back to my photography and Photoshop. Maybe you're just ready for some other creative outlet. Don't get upset with yourself. You muse will lead you where you're supposed to be.

  16. Ohhhh....I love how you altered these simple yet impactful...we all have moments of "peaks and valleys" I like to call them...we just have to give ourselves permission to enjoy the moment we are in....