Thursday, March 01, 2012

I Needed to get Funky

Do you see that little canvas on the left? It was boring me to death!  Made me want to puke! I needed to try something. F.U.N.K.Y.

But one of those little demons was sitting right there close to my ear and so I decided to print and give F.U.N.K.Y. a try. 

The thing is I really did enjoy painting on this Epson paper. The idea was to lay down paint fast and furious. So I did and I'm not done yet but it will have to wait until tomorrows Morning Art.  

And now the question is, what to do with that little boring canvas.


  1. You should get Funky more often :) love the combo of a face and birds :) Soo, you're paiting again :)))))

  2. Get funky on it, too.....obviously that's working!!

  3. I agree with Cameron, just move your funky feelings right on over to that canvas.


  4. I know what your talking about, I try for a little seduction look but not over the top or near the top just sort of there. I suppose with a bird on one's head seduction is difficult or even a cat. I get some looks that are soproper. so I struggle. And Funky didn't come to mind, it is a feeling for me of not being ordinary.
    I somehow missed you last post also and find that not at all ordinary but filled with an emotion I don't have a word for.
    Of course i know there was emotion there translated to a brush.
    I did a face paint over today as I cringe whe I see it and it is posted. Well cringe is good, it moves the brush.

  5. Now I want to try funky on some of my boring canvases! Love it

  6. F. Fun
    U. untamed
    N. Natural
    K. Kewl
    Y. YOU GO GIRL!!!
    heheheh!!! I love what you've done here...

  7. I just discovered your blog and absolutely love your work....I need to take a inspiring!

  8. Love it!!!:O) I paint over with black paint and start over:( sad to say.... Cant wait to see the whole finished work:O)

  9. Funky is a good thing! Hugs, Stephani