Saturday, March 03, 2012

What's your name

A New Moment
Do you give your paintings a name?

How do you decide what the name will be?

When do you have the name?

When the name comes to you, do you know it instantly?

Is is just a name?

Or does it have some special personal meaning?

Or you know the name but don't realize the "personal" meaning until later.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Here is what happened.  I finished this little painting, A New Moment, and of course always always, need to share.  But wait, I don't have a name. It hasn't come to me yet. My working title was "She". I really never meant to use that as a name but needed a title for my print folder.  That was all I came up with in that moment earlier this week.  

So today, I'm getting anxious about not having a name.  I have an old book that I cut words from and I call it my "she" book because it is full of the pronoun, she. I used it when I was making these, and these, and these.  So, I thought maybe the "she" book would have a name for me. You know, the universe was sending me there. I randomly opened the book and a little piece of paper fell from the page.  On one side there was a list; crackers, pecante, Tabasco, lemon juice.  I turned the paper over and it said, "Live a new moment". There it was, a message waiting for me. Although, I think many of you will "get it", I don't even know how to relate to you how it is personal and yet relevant to this new little painting.  It just is.


  1. This piece is so pretty...I love the black and white strip dividing the image and way you did your daisies. Nice and soft piece.

    Names are important...sometimes they just come...sometimes I have to browse the web to find something that's fitting. I did this with my painting a while back called Sappho Poesis. The painting looked Greek and it reminded me of I googled Greek Poets and came up with Sappho.

  2. Thanks Lisa, I enjoy hearing how the name happens for others.

  3. first of all, i smiled SO large when i saw this painting the other day. girl, you know i love quirky! and with your hand, it's also incredibly full of beauty. and, yes, i understand those intimate, personal notes that are sent our way. perfect.

  4. I draw more than paint and usually don't name my drawings. I do often draw with a purpose tho, as in a recent drawing that represented spring to me.

    Moments of serendipity, as you had with the name for your painting, fascinate me.


  5. This painting is fantastic & I love seeing how it transformed in the post below!

    I really like how this title dropped into your lap, but she would be just as beautiful if she were simply called "She"... or "Crackers" or "Lemon Juice" (if you had decided to choose something from the other side of the paper! hee hee)

    I don't really sweat the titles... Sometimes a clever one pops into my head & that's great, but if it doesn't I'm content just naming a painting "Girl in A Feather Hat" or something simple like that. (I figure if a title like "Girl With A Pearl Earring" was good enough for a master like Vermeer, then a simple title would certainly be good enough for the likes of silly 'ol me.)


  6. Hey Darla, that serendipity thing that happens sometimes fascinates me too. Today, it gave me a heart pounding feeling inside. Crazy

    And Kristin, you made me laugh. Then I thought of Tabasco. Wonder what she would look like...

  7. Interesting-and lovely painting too! I don't always name paintings-only if a name comes to me. I often name photos though and then realise I have used that name lots of times before-my personal name list of something. I like the idea of your 'she' book.

  8. or-not of-I really should read comments properly!

  9. Thank you Sarah, My "She" book is great. I'm thinking about doing a series of "she" paintings and use some of the found 'she' phrases like I did for the she bags and sacks. Heck, I might even do some more of those. OK, now I'm dreaming that I actually have time for all of that.

  10. Mine will often sit for days before a name comes.Sometimes a name never comes to me and that is when I really start to worry.

    Thanks for the inspiration today I really needed it.

  11. Yes, I probably have some unnamed too. But one thing I do is forget what the name is. So now, I'm going to write it on the back when I have a name. I think I sometimes wait because I think I might have a better name. Then I forget.

  12. I am full of wonder at this bit of fun from the universe...

  13. It is no coincidence!
    It is so appropro!!