Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Nouveau

I really do like the Art Nouveau style and this one drew me in. The napkin for the postcard pocket had creamy berries that made me think of the white monkey heads on her dress. I know, I know, they are flowers but......  

To see the spread together, go to the Postcard Challenge tab....or just click here.
I didn't make any headway this week with catching up on the challenge and since my book is not going to hold all 52 weeks worth, I'm thinking I will skip #12 Israel.


  1. So, so pretty!!! ♥
    I kind of skipped on Israel, took my characters to and Israeli restaurant 'at home'. Hahaha! Some countries are harder to play with bt the challenge is the best!!!
    Hope to see you next week with more cards! :)

  2. Beautiful card, I love your colours and interpretation! M

  3. I too love the art nouveau style(love the monkey heads lol), and you don't have to use all 52 prompts, so just go with the flow :D XXX

  4. I skipped a couple too. Sometimes life just gets in the way, right?! Super postcard for Iceland, love the colours.

  5. Wonderful work! I am dreading missing a week - I will never catch up. Had to buy 2 more books to complete 52 weeks!I am visiting Jen and using her computer that is why this comment looks as though she has posted it.

    Janet xx

  6. Love the postcard, the effect you have with the veil is amazing. Lovely page too.
    Jen x

  7. Been looking at all your postcards and your book. They are stunning and so beautiful,the colours are great. Glad you are still with us. Look forward to the next one.