Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back burner break butt kicker

Here is evidence I'm getting ready for a weekend adventure.
A little ways down the road.  And it might feel like a vacation!

I moved the postcard challenge to the back burner for a break. Iceland, the next prompt is a butt kicker.  Can't find an artist that makes me swoon. 

When I need to clear out all the chit-chatter, I stitch. I needed to stitch.


  1. Im loving the colors in this stitching:O)

  2. Oh I love the stitching!!! Fabulous

  3. I am saddened that you cannot find an Icelandic artist that makes you swoon.
    I must admit that Icelandic artist are in love with the wild Icelandic nature.
    I even googled to see if I could find anything for you. My favorite is Karolina Larusdottir and my cousin Elinros Eyjolfsdottir.
    Sewing is always good :)

  4. Came by to see how you are, and blogger is moving a littl better for me now. Stitching does sort of ease the mind into a state of something else. Gardening does that for me also, takes an edge off whatever is giving me this thing I do, I process the same thought over and over. I hate that.
    Anyway it feels good to have more done on you beautiful quilt. Wishing you whatever you're wishing.

  5. I have been a watcher of your blog, since, maybe-2006 or 7. your art has been so full filling.
    and the way you've developed. soooo, terrific. I love to come by and see what you have been doing.
    thank you for the pleasure i receive from your creativity.