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Sunday, December 23, 2012

the moment you doubt

 I just love when one thing leads to another.
The day I discovered this quote by J M Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, I also discovered this by Tricia Scott.
 Things didn't stew too long before I was pulling out supplies.
First, I found a set of alpha stamps that was a good size.  
 Second, I needed a canvas and just as Tricia did, I found a prepped canvas that had been relegated to the corner for oh.... about a year or so. 
Time to let it go.
I had some scraps of sticky back paper left from printing DVD labels and you know we (you and I) cannot throw away anything we might need later.
I needed it. 
I stamped the letters for the quote on the sticky back paper and cut them out. 
I had to audition (above) the quote on the canvas to be sure it would fit. 
 Then black gesso right over that sketch.
I used a fine sandpaper to expose the texture. 
I mean, what's the point of having collage under it.
 Here, in the chair zone, the quote is applied to the canvas.
I remembered that I had ordered some new paint I thought would be perfect.
So, I had to wait for it.
The color I used was Victorian Grey and it looks great.
 I applied a very loose layer. After it dried, I sanded it back a little to grunge it up a bit. 
When I removed the letters, the sticky back pulled up a bit of the black gesso. 
I could have touched it up with the black, but you know me.
I color!

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  1. great... I like it..
    Ik wens jullie gezegende feestdagen vanuit Nederland.

  2. I never doubted once that you could fly. Merry Christmas! xoxox kris-10

  3. Hello Norah, this is fabulous. Great idea. I love the size of your stamps (font). could you possibly tell me who makes this stamp? Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. such a great idea!


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