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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Third set of wings

A lot of angels.....
My words, hasn't exactly worked for me.
Here is another and she is on her third set of wings.
And had to sit in the corner for a few days.

They are auditioning for my Christmas card and so far.........
Well, I need to paint more. 


  1. wow, if this didn't make the cut I wonder what will!! everything you do is first class Sharon! Merry Chrsitmas to you and yours...xoxo

  2. Wow is Right! She is another beautiful angel!

  3. Loving your gorgeous angel, x

  4. She's beautiful Sharon. Happy Holidays to you and yours...

  5. I love your angel Norah! She is beautiful :)

  6. oh i'm smiling, sharon. i know that finding the right wings can be quite a quest! xoxo

  7. There is so much richness and complexity in this . . . an angel of culture and experience, and I think she is glorious!! I am inspired to try my hand at "being angelic!" :-)

  8. Beautiful angel indeed! She is enchanting!
    I love the process of art making. I let things sit and mature a lot! Ha


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