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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

I Heart Tabs and Friends

It's true.
I have the bestest friends here in my little town.
And they share with me in the most generous way. 

I ♥ Tabs and Friends

I'm still planning in this composition book.
When I ran out of the supply of tabs from my friend Susan, my friend Carolynn loaned me two punches. 
It is time that I return them so I'm going to make enough today to take me through 2013 planning.

I have lots of planning going on right now for 2013. 
Exciting planning!


  1. I went back and looked at your composition book. Great idea! I'm a visual list person, too.

    LOVE all the tabs!

  2. I went back too...I love paper me playing and organizing today!! Thanks!

  3. Love your book...great idea


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