Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make your own Day Panner

A Tutorial....of sorts
 I didn't want anything fancy.  I just needed something I could write "The Plan" in.  I found this Composition Book and I chose it for the size. I liked both the 7.5" x 9.75" size, as well as, the number of pages size. It has 100 pages (counting front and back = 200).  I also like that the pages are stitched in as I thought it might accommodate me adding stuff.  
The inside front has good information and I don't plan to cover that up.  The inside back cover has conversion tables that I like. However, I will probably cover up the multiplication table.  Don't think I will need to refer to that.
The first thing I found out was the paper doesn't really like wet media.  I have resorted to using masking tape to scatter my ART through the book.  I found an online source for a blank Calendar Template that you can download.  You can resize them and type in information before printing. I tried to use a glue stick with this September calendar and it wrinkled.  I'm OK with it....I'm OK with it....I'm OK with it............................. see this doesn't need to be perfect.  Just a place to write down "The Plan".    (but October will be perfect)
When adding the print, I left the top open to create a pocket.  I actually like the way the masking tape looks and feels.  I like that it is transparent and you can easily write on it too.  I'm sure I will add other pockets as needed.
So, I have already started using my day planner.  This is how I organize my shop listings.  I need a visual to connect to the name of the item.  Thumbnail prints work great. (It just quiets my brain)  The glue stick worked  fine with these small images.  While editing the listing photos, I name them and write them here next to the thumbnail.  This makes listing so much easier especially when you are listing 12 items at the same time.  It is a nice record too.
Today my friend, Susan, stopped in with these little tabs she cut for me.   That was on her "plan" for today.  I will add them as needed.   I'm all set with my day planner.  It fits into my purse and I expect it to be full of plans.  I expect it to keep me on target with all the things that I wish to do.  That I day dream about doing.  That I plan to do.  That I need to do.  That I don't want to do that I have to do. etc etc etc.
♥ Sharon

Truth - Angel Art Pendant Mixed Metal Bezel Resin PendantPS  Isn't this picture great?  Well, I took it with my repaired camera.

EXCEPT MY #$#*(*%&#($*#& blank-a-t-blank CAMERA IS NOT FIXED.  Only the Macro setting will focus.  It took a while for me to figure that out and I'm having to send it back.

PSS This little angel pendant is still available. ;0)


  1. love this idea. thank you sharon. your work is so beyond beautiful! xo

  2. Ohh how I love organization..and you are the icing on the cake! making your own day adventurous of you....I will have to check out the calendar template link and maybe start an adventure of my own.....making books....playing with paper...getting organized...ahhh the bliss of it all!

    thanks for sharing! i love your photos.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. What a blissful post after the end of a very frustrating day. Thankyou for bringing me a happy smile. I have planners within planners within .. my head at least. Crazy but your tutorial is perfect, and thankyou.

  4. What a great idea Sharon, I love it. The paints that I used on my curtain were watered down acrylics for the background and thicker acrylics for the details, but it doesn't really matter what you use.

  5. I see how interesting your planner will be, and is, we use flexible materials as a symbol of our own flexibility. I think perfection is a funny thing, there is also a messy perfect that I love in life. Messy perfect makes things acceptable that are not, example the smear of a lip on a face, how do you do that messily perfect.

    Your twleve necklaces are very much each a tresure.

    Cam you beleive...last sat were were mopping our brow, tonight I wore a winter jacket to pick peppers and tomatoes as it is going to freeze tonight.

    must remember to visit your cloth side, I enjoy what your doing and what you have to say about it.

  6. What a great idea. I have always used composition notebooks for sales but I've never thought to put the little pictures there. You are so smart!!

  7. Love the tutorial! This is something I'd really use. I'm going to look the link up. I think I'd rather use this than the old black one my work supplies me with!

  8. Super Idea Sharon! If only I could remember to use ONE special dedicated book for all...sigh...maybe that should be No. 1 on my "Plan"?
    LOVE your pendants and saw several zipped out of your shop right away!

  9. Love this and the cover colors are delightful !

  10. By the way, I was thinking of you yesterday as I washed and organized bisque doll parts for (literally!) hundreds of dolls! Sheesh...I didn't realize just how much porcelain I have! LOL It's going on Ebay soon...I am knee deep in the giant cleanout!

  11. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. The front cover is the colors.

  12. Hi Sharon!
    My "Imagine" angel flew in to my mailbox today. Even prettier than the picture in your ETSY shop. I'm not generally a pendant necklace kind of person...but I didn't hesitate when I saw "Imagine"...the angel spoke to's quite the bead used for the head...well...I love it all. Thank you for continuing to inspire us all and for this special angel.

  13. There's a Yahoo group "Composition Art Journals" and you'd be amazed at what you can do with these simple books. They take cheap acrylic craft paint (smeared on with an old credit card) and the pages become strong enough for collage. Haven't worked in one for a long time, but I did have fun with it. You don't have to worry about ruining an expensive journal and the sewn in pages are a plus. Check the group out.

  14. Hi Sharon, First visit to your blog and truly enjoyed. I am using a comp book for my journal. I glue three pages together, using YES glue, to give the page more strength. After they dry I paint, collage, use clear gesso or leave them plain for journaling and or notes. YES is a similar material to glue sticks, only in a jar. I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll so I can enjoy more!