Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Commentary that flows in a WIP

 I was playing this game with myself.
If I get out my my chair, I have to pickup at least 5 things and put them in their place.
This studio has become a pig sty....without the odor.

That is when I picked up a collection of pretty paper lace doilies that had been on the work counter for longer than I can remember.

I have used them before but I must tell you that I haven't felt too successful in the past.
That is to say, there was just something that I did not like after gluing them down. 
 It happened again. 
I glued them down and then didn't like them. 
You know that I love a challenge. 
Especially the challenges that I unknowingly set up for myself. 
So, I picked up something to scrape with and started scrapping. 
Hey, wait!
I like this deconstructed look. 

It reminded me of a rubber stamp that I made long ago.
So, I found the stamp and began to stamp with it. 
I didn't care that I was not getting a perfect image.
In fact, I like that it was not perfect. 

Next, I added some paint dots and did some shading under the collar of the head scarf. 
I'm sure I will continue with this.
But for now,
it is Enough.


  1. Love the look of the stamp and the remnants of the doilies!

  2. Love what you're doing with this piece...looking great!

  3. Thank you Mary and Deb, I like that remnant and doilie combo too.

  4. This is all so amazing Sharon... I love accidently discovering one's way... Can't wait to see the big picture... It's already looking amazing!!!! <3

  5. I love how this happened. I am always finding that my distractions or my mistakes make for my best creations.
    I do so wish I could paint though...maybe one of these days I'll get over my stumbling block.
    Great work!


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