Saturday, January 25, 2014

My stage in the forest

My Stage doodled on a scrap

My Stage
pencil and dip pen in big moleskin

Something sparked a memory. I can't even remember what but I couldn't get it out of my mind.

When I was middle school age and living out in the country(rural), I had friends that lived across-the-way. The brother, was my age and his sister, Thorn was a couple years older.

We played at their house as I have no memory of them coming to my house. (just thought of that)  Anyway, one of our favorite things to do was write, and act in our own plays. We longed for an audience but that didn't stop us.

Our set was staged between two trees that made the proscenium opening and held the curtain. As best I remember, we used sheets or blankets from their house for the curtain.

I wish I could remember the subject of our plays.
There's no tellin.

I was thinking this would be a study for a larger painting but i think I got it out of my system with this pen and ink in my big moleskin


  1. I really love this! How interesting that you decided to use pen and ink instead of color. What a lovely way to preserve a memory :-)

  2. I love this Sharon, I love pen and ink and your memory became an amazing work (as usual)

    I did the same thing as a child - I would write plays and the neighbor kids and I acted them out in someones garden or garage. We'd gather picnic benches from everyone and set up an audience for all the Moms (most stayed home in those days) I would direct variety shows and we'd use sheets for curtains. One time we sort of "borrowed" one of my Dad's suits and my little brother wore it as the MC. It hung off of him but was so funny. Thanks for making me think of all that just now.

  3. Well, this explains your running through the trees at the end of DOF!

  4.'re a very interesting person/artist and I so enjoy following your never know what you're up to next! Love these pen & ink sketches.

  5. i love this piece, i just keep looking and looking
    quite wonderful.


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