Monday, September 18, 2006

Rooster Book...altered

Blogger just doesn't want me to show you my weekend project at the moment. So I will tell for now. You will want to come back and see cause it is pretty cool.
This project was on one of my many front burners since way back in June. I showed the unaltered book
here on June 21 post.
Anyway, I used the book to repeat an e-mail that I wrote to Ashley and Timothy when they moved and were starting a new school back in 2004. It speaks for itself so I won't tell any more now other than it is a pretty cute, (with a little tragedy) true story about my flock.
I will also report that I sure enough did not feel like doing any house blessing other than towel and linen laundry. I cooked a pot roast Sunday. Everybody loved that.

More later,

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