Friday, September 22, 2006

Rooster Book...follow-up

First of all, Thank You to those who commented on my little book. And Thank You for the suggestions on how to alter the cover. I plan to give it a try this weekend. Part of the problem is that I like the front cover and don't really want to do too much to it. But you never know what will happen when inspiration flashes.
I heard by e-mail from a friend who lives nearby and she had questions about the Rooster book. So I thought to share her questions and my response.
She wanted to know, "is the feather a stamp-how neat! Is the phrase Life Lessons a stamp - also the Imagine? When I first saw the page with Imagine on it I was trying to read it as: I'm-a-gine (sounding like guinea) -how fun!! How long did it take?Good job! Judy"
And here is my response.

Good morning Judy,
I'm glad you enjoyed the Rooster Book. I did it from start to finish all last weekend. Needless to say I didn't do much else. When the inspiration comes and begins to take over, I just go with it. I had been toying with the thought of how to perpetuate my e-mails because they seemed to be something to keep. It just fell together and even seemed on some pages to fit gloriously with the original book. The feather is a stamp loaned to me by my friend Susan. I love the little stamp and will now have a hard time returning it. But shall. It became symbolic of Mary who was different because she had no tail (feathers) and then of all the guineas. I am so glad now that I didn't have a guinea stamp. The book is full of life lessons and I leave it up to the reader to see them but the primary one is of course "being different" is not a problem. This was the message that I was sending to Ashley when she was entering a huge new school in 2004. The Life Lessons, Imagine and Explore (which is on the page where Peggy Von Trap finds herself "trapped" yet again across the fence) is all on one stamp along with several other phrases. It is a little stamp that rolls like a date stamp. I love that you tried to make something of the imagine stamp. I hadn't seen that but was compelled to use it on that page and thought it was a way to hint to the reader that the feather was symbolic of Mary on the nest. How cool that you heard it say I'm-a-guinea. Because that is exactly what I was trying to say. Amazing!
More later,

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