Saturday, September 02, 2006

Who is Norah?

And where did she come from? It's not a mystery. I made a special cookbook in 2003 as a secret sister gift. I collected recipes from other sorority sisters and compiled this little cookbook. I wanted to give her a hint or clue as to who I was so I called it Norah's Cookbook. I have occasionally used the name since then and most around here know who Norah is.
When I decided to have a blog it just seemed natural to call it Norah'S. It is Sharon backwards. And that is who I am.
More later,


  1. OMG! That is so cool and I didn't realize although I knew your name was Sharon, that it was Norah's backwards. I wondered where Norah came from.... smiles! Christi

  2. How cool! I was one of the confused who said in a response on my blog, "Is it sharon or norah?" LOL now I know it's both! Very cool...


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