Saturday, May 26, 2007

Check Off....

Yes. I can check this off the list. Something I have been challenged to do for a long while.

I made a rubber stamp of Ashley. I'm not sure why or what I am going to do with it but I think it might have been norah'S idea in the first place so I just had to do it.

I think it is pretty cool. I have played with this picture before and have shown you but this time I'm showing the original picture below.
I made this fused piece last year and put inside of the book cover. I showed it.

Here is a tag I made last summer for my HeART Journal. Here I printed the the image that I monkeyed with onto scrapbook paper. Like that too.


So I don't mean to interrupt the guessing game below. I have finished the project but will wait to show you tomorrow.


If you don't want to guess...that's OK...just leave me a comment anyway and I will have a little drawing. How about that?

More later,


  1. I think that is fantastic make a rubber stamp of your daughter! Who can say that there is a stamp out there of themselves!

  2. Super extra very cool! The stamp is amazing and the ways you used it is simply wonderful! I am inspired to try my hand on it...

  3. You need to do a how to on the stamp or I may be forced to buy a copy of Ashley for my art work!