Friday, May 25, 2007

Playing Around Tonight

Instead of working on this in-progress-project, I'm just playing around on this Friday night.


I know you haven't been around to watch but I have changed my header several times. Now that I have discovered how easy it is, I'll be doing that some more. I have been rather too lazy to even give it a try. But you know what I say, "nothing ever happens before it's time".

Must be time, I know not why yet.


About the project. What do you think it is...or rather will be? If you guess before I show you later this weekend, there just might be a little prize for you. You can guess in my comments. Oh, you knew that.


The weekend is looking good. You know how excited I get about 3 a row... mercy, how I do love that. It is going to be too wet to go around and around on my think tank. Oh darn!

Well, I guess playing around is better than snoozing on the couch. But I think I will go do that.
More later,


  1. Looks like the beginnings of a shoulder bag to me.

  2. It looks great Sharon, whatever it is going to be. Could it be a book cover?

  3. Not a shoulder bag.

    or a book cover.

    guess again.