Friday, May 18, 2007

The Graduate

Here she is. Every bit of her from tip to toe. She is so pretty and we are so proud of her.

Just attended her Baccalaureate Mass and tomorrow she will graduate from high school.

I really can't believe it. It just seems like yesterday that I sucked myself up against the wall like plaster just hoping the doctor wouldn't notice that I was in the birthing room. He did and said, "come over here granny, you have to see this". I stood right behind him and watched in sheer speechless amazement.

I'll be going to bed now...
More later,


  1. I read this lastnight but it was late late and I didn't reply because I wasn't typing so well! Heh heh. The graduate is absolutely so beautifully happy!! As she should be! And I love the piece of art that symbolizes her big mile-stone.
    You have such a wonderful style, miss "NorahS" - When I was little, I used to love Flavia, and when I see your creations, that's the same feeling I get inside :)
    Oh you're so smart in your reply about Pinky!! Why didn't I think of that. Today I am running to the store to buy her more PINK. (Mom is a rebel too)
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!!

  2. She is so beautiful and poised by that number...claiming her right to be here and make an impace! You GO girl! I'm proud for you, too!

  3. So you have a graduate in the family also! Congratulations to you and her! She's beautiful...know you are so proud. P.S. I agree with miz smoochie lips when she said your artistic style reminds her of Flavia's.

  4. these are so great - so glad to visit - and thanks also for visiting me - your journal pages are divine!

    xox - eb.

  5. m i c h e l l eMay 24, 2007 10:34 AM

    Your graduate is so beautiful. And so happy...and why not? Done with high!