Friday, September 19, 2008

Surprise Surprise

Here I am at the resort, relaxing and resting. And playing ART.
We just had a great dinner. I ate too much.
This is the beginning of my first project. I'm working on my workshop kits for next weekend. That is my priority but I did bring some other inspiration as well. I will finish this project early tomorrow and have plenty of time for other ART.
Just had to do this post. It's all about "firsts". I have never travelled with my laptop. I have never loaded pictures on my laptop. I work from three other computers and it just hasn't been necessary. I have never posted to my blog from my laptop. You remember my laptop is pretty new. OK, so, well, anyway, I think I will be sharing this weekend with you. Cool! Yes?


  1. Oh wow, these kits look amazing! I want to do one of your classes and get one of these wonderful kits you put together!!!

    Well done with the are doing great guns.

    Enjoy the resort!

  2. Very cool, indeed! Your kits look so intrigueing.

  3. YES, Very Cool!
    Love what I am seeing....have a wonderful time and enjoy the laptop, its all I use...

  4. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better.
    I adore the Four O'clock in the post Grandfather had them in his garden, I have not seen them since he died 40 years ago.
    Your kits are wonderful, where will you be teaching...can I come?

  5. This is so weird! On my desktop computer I couldn't see the photo but on hubby's laptop it was there! Your kits look so pretty.

    I'm catching up from being gone for a week and I just read about your mowing experience!!!! Don't do that anymore! That must have been so scary....and you're so lucky that you're ok.

  6. Firsts are fun, once you get past the first part right? And, I see such beautiful bags and stash you are preparing for your class.

  7. Oh, Sharon, so neat to be able to "live vicariously" with you on your trip. Love your flower basket bags and as always, the girls look just great. Those receiving them will love them too. Wish we could ALL be there. Thanks for sharing and you are doing a great job with the laptop!!!

  8. Sharon,

    A laptop is just a computer so you will be fine. I take mine places all the time. Its the only computer that I use, Your kits look amazing. I can't wait to see the rest of your art.


  9. You should sell those kits...Enough.

  10. these kits look fantastic sharon, i love the drawings, what are they on????? beautiful, have fun!!!!

  11. Look at you using your laptop at your own personal art retreat!!!! I have used laptops for several years now. My IBM and my mac....and I love the ability to be anywhere in the house or log in when on the road. You are doing an awesome job and those kits!!!!! Where oh where is this class going to be? How did I miss that?

    Warm, healing hugs to you, my friend......oh, I forgot to tell you I had postcards made of my piece and will be sending one out to you Monday......
    xo Rella

  12. Greetings from my laptop to yours, LOL! Mine is fairly new too and I don't have half my stuff loaded onto it - bookmarks, pics, etc.

    Your kits look wonderful. Wanna come lead an Art Retreat at the Mt. House? Laptops weloome :-)


  13. Amazing kits. Isn't the laptop cool? I just got one too and find myself using it more than my PC.
    Wish I could take one of your classes. Have a great time at the resort!


  14. What fun Sharon - and so sorry to hear of your injuries!! Glad you're feeling better. I LOVE my laptop, got rid of my desktop several years ago and haven't missed it one bit :)
    Enjoy yourself,

  15. The goodie bag is one of the best treats of the workshop, don't you think? A real ice breaker for the group and a sense of getting value for money... Yours look delicious!

  16. PLEASE explain how you did the bag!? Color so escapes me and I am never sure what comes first...those bags are beautiful!