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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me Again

January 11

Following Misty's prompt to cut and collage.
Wow that was fun!

See, this is a picture of me when Zorana and I went to the Fat Lady for lunch. Sorry, I don't have a picture of Zorana.

OK, I'm not only a Fat Lady, I'm a Big Fat Lie-er. But If I had remembered to bring this outfit, well then, that's what I would have worn. We had such a nice lunch there.

Thank you all for your kind words about my self portraits. They take some getting use to for me. I do see myself in them but I think I will go back to painting pretty young figments of my imagination.

Next week's journal pages will be about color. I can't wait to see what that is all about. If I can stay off the couch at night, well then, you can expect to see some color from me.



  1. The collage is adorable! Great job.

  2. That collage is just perfect! Oh La La!

  3. I posted about going to the Fat Lady with friends on Dec. 19th. Wasn't it fun?

    Your collage is great and you should definately have that outfit in your closet.


  4. Love the collage - wonderful job. I like you getting used to you.

  5. The collage is just perfect. I love all the self portraits you've done. Just got my copy of CPS and your article was really good. Thanks for sharing so much of your art and process.


  6. Oh, I am still laughing....this is great! And so was your article.
    xo suze

  7. He hee.... I love this one Sharon!!!

  8. Lovely version!!! You are so much fun. We all need that particular outfit, don't you know. I can't wait to see all the color coming up. A restaurant named the Fat Lady??? It would have to be a really great place, 'cuz a bad one with the same name would never fly. Hope you have a great week!! Pat

  9. OMG fabulous collage self portrait Sharon!!! Love it and all it's glory. The strong woman you are shows thru.

  10. I've had so much fun looking through these posts. Your Art is lovely.

  11. I like your collage, great job. You're not older than dirt. Love your smile...

  12. Loving your pages. Saw that you are going to be in Somerset Apprentice too. Congrats, I love that Sister's piece.

  13. Dahlink, you look fabulous!
    I am so inspired I want to do one myself, but I don't have your gorgeous distinctive hair, just my own mousy mane. Maybe some haind-tinting... fushia perhaps?


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