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Saturday, January 17, 2009


January 16 (17th)


  1. oooooh, I loved "white", but OMG! This is gorgeous! I love the color red and her cloche hat...LOVE IT! smiles...

  2. You have outdone yourself!! I love your work and this one is amazing, I love the expression.
    Very beautiful.

  3. man, it's stunning.

    my mom says age is a number. but she won't tell anyone her age. i don't get it.

  4. How beautiful is red? Wonderful page again!

    Arent we funny about age? Doesnt bother me telling people my age, but it does a lot of people (and I respect that).

    Thus far I am enjoying getting older!

  5. Well, lately I have thought a lot about getting older. I don't much like that kind of thinking, so have decided to "keep on keeping on" and see where that takes me. My number would be there we are. Pat (Love the RED!)

  6. Sharon, if you are old, then I'm not afraid of old! I admire your fierce openness and honesty -- not to mention your incredible talent! You inspire in many different ways!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  7. This is my favorite one so far, Sharon. Love the red and the hat. She's gorgeous!

  8. Oh it is so beautiful...I love the hat and the whole thing....your work is amazing.

  9. OH SHARON I love this red and the sweet hat.
    Smiles, Laura "excellent"
    You are such a talented lady.

  10. Red fitting. Yet another great piece from you. I agree on the age thing. My mother in law talked herself into being old way before her time. I may be past 55 but mentally I am...well, lets keep that one a secret.

  11. Sharon,

    Oh I love this one too, the hat is a fantastic touch. This one is just wonderful.


  12. I've just had a birthday so age has been on my mind. I'd like to be that regal as I age physically. I still feel about 8 in my head. Loving the hat.

  13. This is one of my favorite pages you've done: the gorgeous deep reds, the cloche hat, the expression on her face. Sharon, you are an incredibly talented and versatile artist and you continue to inspire me.


  14. They are all really wonderful, but my favorite is the red...this past year has been my red year, cloth's that are red find me. I even have red glasses. I was in pink the year before.
    Her hat is pretty. Hugs


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