Thursday, April 22, 2010

In a Rut

Do you ever feel like or I should say "realize" that you are in a rut? I'm feeling like I'm in a rut these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is bad. Although, this rut is deep enough to sap my creating time. I'm not saying that I'm not inspired. I'm not saying that I am feeling melancholy.
I'm just saying, my rut has three chairs in it and I seem to move from one (first thing in the morning, the home computer chair) to the next ( nine-to-five office computer chair) to the third (after-five comfy home chair in front of the TV). After all, I can not miss watching my recorded soaps and just a few favorites like Dancing With the Stars or House or Project Runway. Oh!!!! Project Runway finale is tonight.
I know, I'm rambling but I do think about this a lot and I think of ways to get out of the rut. Here is one more thing; did you know that moving from chair to chair to chair is making me tired?
I'm working on a little piece of cardboard. The top pic is from yesterday between chair one and chair two. The second one is today between chair one and two. I call it morning art and I've had a great idea of doing a morning art video. I will try to set that up for tomorrows morning art between chair one and two.
Thank you for letting me ramble today,


  1. Not to worry, Norah will show herself soon, plus we all know that this painting on cardboard i going to end up ....AWESOME!!!

  2. Me and my chairs have been in ruts so deep it took a crane to get us out! But ya just gotta keep looking for the crane.

    And now I'm looking at these things as more of a semi schedule. Nothing too strict, mind you! And putting all the fun and flexibility in the art!!

    Liking the cardboard art, I am. (Yoda speak I have today.)

  3. YOU didn't mention staring out the window, that is my ailment this week, Ihae inspiration and it doesn't come tgether quite right.
    Thre is also a feeling of unease for some reason. Could be due to a terrible scare of lost items on MOnday that would of caused great trouble and inconvience if not found, They were found, under some paintings.

    I want a painting sort of pensive and a bit of longing in it. There must be a reason for that and a self help group. Moving away from rabbits maybe.

    Your background has a lot of offer and I like the pieces left on the swirls, rathe french looking in that decorative way. Some sone sent me napkins just a couple from France and they are charming in that same way.

    I do get the char thing, and it is not like musical chairs at all.

  4. I think the creative muse sort of ebbs and just have to go with it! You'll be out of the rut before you know it...Can't wait to see more, love watching your process.

  5. This post makes me smile, Sharon. I can relate to the ruts--I would love to see a video!

  6. Oh the rut...not a good spot to be in my opinion. I am the same I need to sit and watch tv at times. I often think what I could create if that darn tv didn't exist!

    Project Runway Finale tonight? I thought it was the reunion, did I miss a show?

  7. I know that rut!!! Mine includes a bed too....laying thinking of the way the day may pan out. Making plans. A check of the computer (which this morning included checking the new photos of the sun via NASA), then the hours drive to work, then the chair in front of the computer at work all day, back home where the couch beckons a weary mind (and yes, I love project runway too) and then back to my bed.
    Life is a rut sometimes, thank goodness for our art!
    Enjoyed your cardboard art...those spirals appealled...maybe reminding me of our sun?
    Take care,

    Jacky xox

  8. hehehe I can relate to this too, I feel like I'm in a rut at the moment, from my computer desk to the sofa to the kitchen. I have all these ideas in my head about what I want to create but other things seem to get in the way and that is very frustrating! I'm going to knuckle down and sketch some ideas out today!

  9. chin up sharon, norah with return when the time is right xx

  10. I can relate to the ruts as well. I think we all get them =). Love the cardboard art!

  11. Yep, I understand the rut. I think for me it's a drop back and hunker for a day or two and usually I pull out. Norah is recharging...
    I set my DVR for Project Runway so I can watch it tomorrow night. I have enjoyed it this season but I miss Anthony. Wonder who won??...don't tell me!

  12. I have that same rut! Project Runway was fun, was it not?
    What did you think of the results?

  13. A rut is simply your muse resting and getting ready to throw you into the greatest work you will ever, ever create! If you don't get the rest, you won't be able to keep up with the astonishing flow of ideas.
    Watch. It will happen.


  14. Ramble on! It's clear that we all have ruts...I think you have to have the lows to enjoy the highs.
    Norah just has spring fever...she'll be back soon.

  15. What an unexpected subject fora blog post. All I can think about now is a painting of three chairs. If only knew how to paint chairs...

  16. I can relate entirely, there are times (whole weeks on occasion) when creating out of "my box" is harder than labor and birth ever were! I think it is part of being an artist.

  17. I know ruts very well! I'm hoping mine is finally going away;now just to figure what to do first on a long want to/need to list!
    I say make the most of your chair time because when Norah wakes back up she's going to put you into over-drive and you'll be wishing for a comfy easy chair!!
    Love the cardboard art and the video....made me smile real big!