Friday, April 09, 2010


Little by little I am making progress.
I sort of wish I had left the face like above.
No matter, she is so stoic.
In my book that says "indifferent to pleasure or pain".

So then, I ask you, "what in the world is she doing at a circus?"
I am baffled.
I'm not finished just yet but getting closer.
Her face is just to purple and I will try to fix that.
I think it is pretty cool how the blocks of color are still there
but integrated. You should try it this weekend.
Yea for the weekend.


  1. I'm blown away by the color of this piece. I like her face both ways. Love seeing your progress. Happy weekend!

  2. Wow! I love it, everthing about it!

  3. Finished or not, it's already fantastic! That look on her face....I think she's the Russian or maybe Hungarian Fortune teller; although she could be the star horseback rider, too.

  4. Beautiful colors!!!

    Maybe she ran away to the circus when she was a young girl. and now she's older and she just doesn't love it any more?

    regardless of how stoic she is, she's also quite pretty!!!

  5. discovered your blog today, it's wonderful!! I love his work.Beautiful colors!!!!

  6. I know this isn't a teaching thing, but there is a lot to learn and relearn, how the awning can be different shades, enhancing around what you have that you want distinguished, it larning to paint
    but not quite painting everything, but making the negative space so the good in the positive space.
    So the lesson for me is don't cover up with good stuff. There is a lot of good stuff in this painting it is a joy, and I can touch it if only through the screen of the computer.

    I will take your suggestion of trying the squares of color. I had sone squre of nice color last night left, I wonder now if I painted it over just because I didn't think right while doing the work. I could enhance it and maybe find another.

    It is wonderful to come and see and pack the mind with things.
    I come to enjoy as much as pay attention.

  7. She's lovely! In my mind, she is at a circus observing. She is burdened with problems and perhaps a little depressed so she is trying to remember what it's like to be happy and joyful. I liked that you posed the question and I enjoyed pondering it. I think we've all had times like that.

  8. Stoic.... maybe she is part of the knife throwing (you know how they used to blindfold the fellow who threw the knives and she would be tied a board/screen....macabre arent I?).
    Maybe she lays upon a bed of nails, walks over hot coals ...

    You've got our imaginations running wild Sharon.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Jacky xox

  9. It is so interesting to watch the progress of this piece and to have painted such a colorful background first and then painting the face on top of that!!

  10. oh, i love her, sharon... and am laughing at the question of what a stoic is doing at the circus. my experience is that these faces can and will show up ANYWHERE. which may leave us shaking our heads, but what can be done?


    p.s. i love her at every single stage...

  11. Your art is beautiful.

    Would you mind giving a listen to my music?

  12. She looks more introspective and lovely to me than stoic. One more parallel in our art lives: Yesterday I created a heavily collaged surface very similar to this one, and I'm now painting a figure of a bird in the foreground. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished painting.

  13. Having recently read "Water for Elephants" she reminds me that not all of circus life is "a circus" if you get my drift.

    She's beautiful and poignant