Saturday, October 08, 2011

Collage Obsessed Now

It's official. 
I am totally fasinated with collage. 
But I still don't like: 
collecting papers
storing papers
the mess of papers

Going now to clean the mess of papers.


  1. love your collage....of course i am repeating myself in telling you this....but they are so GREAT...

  2. I love the way you have used that picture of curls. I agree about the mess of papers-I find once they are stored I forget all about them and rarely use them. If I had a big house I would have one of those lovely plan chests-though knowing me I would fill that up to bursting an still not use the contents!

  3. Great work. I know what you mean. I have nver figured out a way to store, sort and organize my papers.

  4. it's messy but such a fun mess it is!! It's a piece that can never be duplicated exactly by yourself nor anyone else. It's all yours! And the pieces that say "what was she thinking or wow that's really interesting" are the best!!

  5. I know what you mean about the whole collecting, storage, and mess of papers. I went through that for years. Still have more paper than I care to think about. Wallpaper in barrels, painted papers & magazines in drawers and files. Large sheets on a handmade rack. My gosh, I must get rid of these papers!

    These collages of yours just keep on getting more enjoyable to see. I bet they're more enjoyable to play with too! I'm sitting on your shoulder playing with you!

  6. thank you for sharing the before...I love your palette and how you took the original images but made them yours.

  7. Collage can do that to you, and yes it has a life of its own and takes over and resides just about everywhere... and who wants to stop and spend the time organizing it? These are lovely.

  8. Love what you are doing with collage. You are convincing me that these annoying bits and scraps of paper that I keep hoarding are worth saving.
    I TOTALLY get your annoyance with all the scraps, etc.
    This is just genius & I think you've gone to another level. xo

  9. Great, fantastic, beautiful, amazing. I could use any or all of these words to describe this painting.

    And I completely understand your feelings about collage and paper. I feel the same way. I love the end results but getting there can be a challenge.

  10. Sharon, she is gorgeous!! I love what you have done with her & the collage underneath. I love coming to read your are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. Love how she turned out :) would never believe it's collaged.

  12. I love how you incorporated all the elements! Wonderful :)

  13. online class, pretty pretty please?

  14. I have thought for years that the best work comes from an obsession, it is sort of like hitting a homerun and the player remembers exactly the combination to do that.
    things just fall into place with the collage in the most beautiful way. I am not talking about myself.

    Then one day you can toss all the papers and have supplies for something else. I know my stack of papers is 12 inches high. and then I have an old architect cabinet with many drawers and they hold papers.

    Like having too many shirts sometimes there is a surprise at the bottom of the pile.

    I have been scanning fabric and making another stack of papers.

    thank you for all you have shown, so much fun to see.

  15. I am so impressed with this! Such a wonderful composition and the colors are so deep and rich. Love it!

  16. I would like to say "I knew you when..." but your collage has always been outstanding. Beginning with the napkins and up to the techniques dvds, I am proud to see you evolve into the artist you are, and continue to inspire all of us tobe the artists we can become.

  17. Very cool! I don't know how you get so much done...and I agree about the papers....when you are looking for that one perfect piece that you know you have...and where did you put it!!! Only you could have figured out such a clever way to use the it.

  18. i am so happy about your new obsession! so gorgeous, sharon.

  19. Sharon, the collage is great. I have been in Katie's class also but because of the full time job I have not had time for the fun time job. I am trying to find time in between everything else. I want to post them to the yahoo group but also to my flickr page. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I just don't know what to say. i did not think this would look like this...meaning WOW! Hugs, Mary

  21. wowowow! awesome. i couold look at this for hours....

  22. wow! totally amazing to see what clippings your started out with and what you turned them into. had I not seen the collage below, I would have thought the top picture was painted from the beginning. beautiful.

  23. Wow, Im going to have to try this:O) beautiful:O)

  24. enjoyed greatly
    watching how this one

    the way you use your collage
    as the stepping point
    to turn A
    into B


    {{ as i am extremely nearsighted
    this is the way
    i see most things
    as i look out my morning window...
    a tree of striped color,
    a circle shrub of little shapes.
    your work is very inspiring. }}