Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Great Question

In my haste to announce Faces In Collage, I do believe I left some things to your imaginations.  There were several questions and I would like to address them here and now. 
1.  How long will I be able to register?  Will you be closing registration?
As with all my classes, once I open the registration, I don't close it. That means, if you can't jump in right in the beginning, you can sign up any time after that.  Anytime.
2.  How long will the class be available?
My classes have no end date.  This means the class material and videos will be there for you to visit and watch when it is convenient to you.  If you have a conflict after signing up and can't get back for three months, it will all still be there. 
3.  When can we get the supply list?
I'm hoping that I will be able to send out the classroom invitations today.  The supply list is one thing that is holding me up mainly because it is so short. I know. Makes no sense.
4.  Will we be able to download the videos?
For now, I don't plan to make download available.  But you will have access to them for an indefinite time period in the classroom. 
5.  Do you plan to offer a DVD of the class?
At the moment, no.  But I'm still on the fence with that and so as they say, never say never.
6.  Is the class interactive?
This is such a great question.  And yes, I do consider all my classes interactive.  And I feel like the interaction is so convenient because it is all within the classroom.  

One thing I do that I think is a little different in my classes is the Gallery(forum) that is within the group/class. I encourage the students to share there finished pieces as well as "in progress" pieces. Then I give them a gentle critique or answer questions they might have.  I try to do this early in the morning and easily spend as much as 30 minutes on each critique.  When I say gentle, I mean constructive in a teaching way. Then the other students are there to give support and encouragement.  I also have my forums and comment walls set so you can get an email with the full text and don't have to POP over to the site if you don't want to.   I encourage students to "follow" all the class forums because there is a lot of information shared through interaction.  The class is very organic in that way because a lot of knowledge is shared through interaction as the class progresses.

So if you have a question that I missed.  Please do ask.  I will answer them in the comments.  But if you want to email me at sktomlinson at g mail dot com.

Thank you for the great response to this course.  I promise it will not disappoint. 
♥ Sharon


  1. When Sharon said on the posting today:

    "When I say gentle, I mean constructive in a teaching way. Then the other students are there to give support and encouragement."

    She is understating it by a long shot! Sharon gives the. Best. Critiques. Ever!

    Sharon must pour over our work and find every thing we need to help us. Then pour over a psych book to figure how much gentle to tough ratio to use to tell us how to fix it. (I wish my teachers all through college had been this good. I would have gotten that PhD in neurobiology!)

    And having the gallery with the comments and feedback and general friendship with the other students is just wonderful. Makes it almost like an in person class.

    Short form: Sharon=Great Teacher!

  2. I have to jump in here and add something about Sharon's classes as well. A complete newbie artist/wannabe/sensitive pro will benefit from her heartfelt critiques. Sharon gives beneficial info as well as motherly pats on the backs while teaching you the How To's. Great classes for a wide range of skill levels!

  3. Oh! This looks like a wonderbar class. Next pay day maybe I can join in the fun!

  4. I'm on pins and needles waiting for this class!

  5. So looking forward to this class! Thanks for offering it ♥

  6. Thanks for this, Sharon! I'm a newbie at online classes, so I'm sure I'll be asking some questions down the line. I'm anxious to get started!

  7. I have to say Sharon's classes never dissappoint! I have to wait on this one but it will be hard to wait!

  8. Yea! Hi Sharon! I just signed up and SO looking forward to this workshop. Thank you! Happy day to you!