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Monday, March 19, 2012

Baha the land of brids

WOW! What a weekend I had. Fact of the matter is I literally wore myself out. Crashed in bed for a late afternoon nap Sunday and then watched a couple of movies last night. 

But look! I was up early today as usual and made an official Baha stamp.  The Postcard challenge is a super fun project and I have added an extra challenge for myself (as I do sometimes).  The prompt each week is new country so I am going to study a little art history along the way. Stay tuned for how that turns out.


  1. YOu are so brave with ding this, I am so whimp about assignments, (not your class) and I can't say I don't stick to things as I do, but another element about me is a stop.
    I will live through you, and enjoy a good friends work and sticktoitness.

  2. You are on a roll for sure. Your stamps and "rubber" postmarks are fabulous! And of course,,,your postcards are beautiful!

  3. Oh I love that stamp.


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