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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Conversational Saga continues

click on   Postcard Challenge 2012   page tab for large view of postcards in chronological order  

Just in case you haven't figured out, I am using my art in this conversational saga between Vanzie S. Smoot and Professor Dr. Tad Keys.  Almost one year ago, I finished a Morning Art series in which I painted from start to finish this painting.  The background was inspired by another artist and the portrait was inspired by Eva Gonzales (1849-1883) who was born in Paris, France and studied under Edouard Manet.
This is one of my very most favorite paintings.
I guess that is why I have been hanging onto it.
I'm now ready to list it in my shop when time permits.
Or if you are interested, email me for details.
12 x 12 x  1.5 gallery wrapped.  $300.

You can watch the 14 video series by clicking on the Morning Art Videos Tab.  

If you only want to see a "start to finish series in review", watch the conclusion video.  The review starts at about the 8:57 minute mark.  I think it is pretty cool to see the progression of this painting. 


  1. I love your art! Your faces!!
    They are so beautiful, so lovely, that I cannot write.
    thnak you taht I can see them!

  2. This is beautiful! Do be able to paint faces like that would be fantastic. I just love all of yours.

  3. Your postcards and the evolving story is wonderful...I love reading them and seeing your beautiful faces. This latest one, Eva, is such a gentle beauty.

    Jacky xox

  4. She is just lovely! I love all the butterflies as well. I wonder what she is thinking?

  5. wow this is just stunning..

  6. Great postcard! Love it! I have looked at your blog for years, love your work!

  7. It's a great idea and I love your paintings. :)

  8. your art is simply superb! I have only just found your bog...will come back more ofter...great works!

  9. Absolutely stunning image...and we are all aware of who this "Tomlinson" is amazing artist :D XXX

  10. Very beautiful and inspiring!

  11. Beautiful piece of work.
    Jen x

  12. A wonderful delight! Keep on keeping on.

    Janet xx

  13. Beautiful work, stunning colours! M