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Saturday, April 21, 2012

cause I need to play too

Things are stacking up over here. 
just stuff.
I feel the need for a list.
the sheets must be washed this weekend
and the clothes too
the desk needs to be uncluttered
and the work table too
the carpet needs to be blessed
and the others floors too
the fridge needs to be purged 
and my closet too
art supplies need to be organized
and my shoes too
and then,
the gardens;
I shall put Singapore first on the list
cause I need to play too


  1. another beautiful postcard. love your page too.well done for catching up, your postcards are worth waiting for.....

  2. What a beautiful face she has! Lovely Sharon.

  3. So very beautiful! It amazing to me what I am willing to live with because I need to "play". Didn't use to be this way...

    Art has allowed me to let loose the need for perfection in so many areas!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. Such a lovely young girl - wonderful painting and a beautiful postcard. Love the richness of the Singapore postcard all silk and embroidery.

    Janet xx

  5. Beautiful image yet again, I hope it is an original, but isn't that a date and signature in the top corner? or is my eyesight fading :D XXX

  6. gorgeous, as always. I am totally in love with your cards.

  7. Love your portraits Sharon! Great postcard! :)

  8. Beautiful painting. She has an arresting face.

  9. LOVELY postcard, what a pretty face and I love the soft muted colours :o)

  10. She is so lovely, like the page too.
    Jen x

  11. Beautiful young woman! Love the way your page turned out.

  12. Amazing again! You're so good at portraits!!! ♥


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