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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Face painting and stitching

I'm taking a breath to recharge.
I needed to put my postcards on hold long enough to paint these Inktense Faces on Fabric samples.  Actually, I wanted to make dolls with them but ran out of time for that.
I thought seeing what I did with them instead of making dolls might inspire you. My DVD, Inktense Faces on Fabric is still available.  If you are interested, just click here on the DVD Shop tab.


  1. I really love the first one...I can love her face, and what a great idea...I realize fabric painting is not a new idea, but I haven't seen what you do in this media, so fun to look at, Hugs, Mary

  2. I love this second one.. Her face is deep, romantic and very interesting. It touches the heart of me.
    Beautifully done..

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  4. This is wonderful...I have also been enjoying your postcards. Your never cease to amaze. Mo'a

  5. Oh Sharon, I love these, especially the one with daisies! I really love how they all come together! Love the colors!

  6. Sharon you inspire me! I think I might just take this class very soon:) I'm so amazed! Oh...and looking at your postcards and checking out the link that started it all- I think I might even join this project too! Thanks for posting your beautiful art:)

  7. Come to say Happy Easter, and tell you how much I enjoy the postcards, I know you know, but they feel so authentic. Also happy to read how much your enjoying the process.

  8. Sharon, your talent is blooming like a world full of flowers.

  9. Absolutely love both of these pieces...thanks for sharing!


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