Monday, September 11, 2006

Wall Flower

I haven't posted in a few days because I can't seem to tell without showing. I am a visual person. Went home early Friday sick sick. I did manage to sketch a couple more ladies. But this one actually was one of the first ones. She was a reject that I learned to love.
After doing nothing all weekend I thought maybe I felt like just putting some color on a couple pages in my A Long Time Ago art journal. It is true that a white page stops me cold. This page had some of the red on it and that's it. I'm not sure why it was half done. But you know nothing ever happens before it is time.
The scanned colors are a bit more intense than in real life. So anyway, I added color to the rest of the page and then painted color on the facing page. I just love having a paint brush in my hand. So, I gave a little squirt of Lumiere Metallic Bronze directly onto the tip of my brush and swiped it onto the red page like some kind of flower. I'm now thinking it is a closed cosmos bud. My watercolor crayons were at my elbow so I added the stems with that. Then, in my fashion I turned and picked up this little waif that I had scanned and printed on tissue paper Friday before leaving for home. She already had the color because I used ZIG photo markers on my sketches before scanning. I Looked through my stash book and found the wings already cut out, added a postage stamp and did a little pen doodle.
The page is ready to journal on but I haven't mastered that part yet. I just love the feeling I get when inspiration comes in moments one bit at a time and not before it is time.
More later,


  1. I found you through Misty's blog. I love your blog and your work is just gorgeous. I'll be back to visit again!

  2. Gorgeous, Sharon!!! I have loved watching your girls evolve into art are so gifted. And I love the quote that art doesn't happen til its time...that is so true, but I never really thought about it before. very inspirational today!!! smiles...

  3. So sorry you've been sick! Hope your on the mend and come back stronger!!! :-)

    I have been loving these ladies you've been doing lately and then this one with the pink and red. Just GORGEOUS, I tells ya!

  4. I meant "you're" not your! GAWD I'm so embarrassed I made that mistake!!! Serious pet peeve of mine!


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