Wednesday, August 30, 2006

HeART Journal Finished

Finished! I met my goal of keeping this one "unchunky". This little book only measures 6" by 8 1/2" and I didn't think the binding would hold up to very much bulk. Sure enough I had to repair at one point. Oddly enough, the tissue paper seem to add strength.
Twenty-two page spreads about a list of 60+ things I HeART. I posted the first one on July 7th (I think). It really didn't go as fast as I planned but nothing ever does. It is nothing like I first envisioned either. It is what it is.
When I discovered tissue paper, well I couldn't stop using it. I love the way is melts into the page.
More later,


  1. Congratulations! It's been so enjoyable watching it all come together. You are so very talented and what a treasure you have at the end of the entire process!

  2. word came to mind when I saw this...GLORIOUS!!!! It looks so beautiful Sharon! I love the look of a completed art journal just all full of love and color! GREAT job!!! Mine's still waiting for me! :-)

  3. Sharon, the HeART journal turned out so great. Can't believe you were able to get so many spreads done in such a short time! Great job!

  4. This Heartjournal of yours is SO unbelieveably beautyful.
    Love every single piece art here.
    You are a real inspiration, Norah. Thanks alot! :)

  5. Whooohhoooo! Well done on getting it done and in such a gorgeous fashion. I have loved watching your process for completing it and have been inspired by it. You have a beautiful book!!! smiles...

  6. Oh well done, it looks so beautiful and yummy and tactile. Must make the effort to get my journal finished (which might take a while, I've only done 6 pages so far, ho hum).

  7. Halo!!

    thanks so much for your lovely note on my blog!

    your art awes me~your are an amazing artist!

    I am off to get lost in your your blog!

    xo ~Izabella


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