Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Funkified Mood

So what is "funkified"? It is the way I feel just now. My little bitty desk dictionary says funk = a shrinking back from fear; v. flinch. The shrinking back part might be what I have done ART-wise for a few days. But not from fear. I tell you it is because the sun goes down so early now. I need sun to shine. I think I have to readjust every year at this time.

So do you have an inspiration journal? I do. It is a blank journal shown here. It is at my elbow and I jot down inspiration phrases, quotes, ideas, sketches, web sites and anything that I want to remember. I also glue in snippits form the newspaper as well as my own doodles.

This is today's lunchtime doodle colored with lipstick found in my desk drawer. Did you ever use lipstick? I'm challenged.
More later,


  1. I'm with you, more often than not lately, I'm finding myself avoiding my craft space. I think it is the time of year for me too. Too much darkness.

  2. ooooh, love the effect from the lipstick and I definitely understand the avoiding of the craft space! smiles...

  3. Sharon, I LOVE this!

    My sweet husband gets melancholy about January/February. Like you, he NEEDS sunshine. I haven't experienced that, but I know it's real.

    Hang in there!