Thursday, November 23, 2006



yes I haven't been around much.
yes I haven't done art much.

i haven't had anything to show
i guess I had nothing to tell.

how about a few random thoughts

we had turkey and dressing
last weekend.
kevin and boys were here.
so fun.
they spent the night.
loved that.
cooked at leisure.

this is my first stained glass piece
circa 1985 had to show something.

tim left last night with his dad.

mel is working today.
nursing homes don't close for

krt is gone hunting until Sunday
it's his tradition.

ashley and I had cold pizza (reheated) for breakfast.

i'm multitasking.

studio is so.....a mess
don't want to clean now
it is my mess
it is an art mess
can't face it.

set up card table in bedroom
for more art mess
in front of tv
between tv and computer
i'm multitasking.

no money for Christmas
what to do.

use what i have on hand
make things.

ashley and i watch lifetime movies
ashley watches too many movies
ashley can watch movies all day long
and send thousands of text messages
i really mean thousands.

happy birthday michelle

absolutely gorgeous beautiful day
should be outside
most leaves are still on trees
could finish mowing

art at my leisure this weekend
may not be able to show
no scanner here
camera is with krt
ashley has camera
so maybe if i create anything
worthy of showing
she will assist.

more later,

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  1. OMG! Here I am reading your blog, all teary because the things you are thankful so just so ring the same in my heart and then I see "happy birthday michelle." Big smile. :-) Thank you so much for your kindess and friendship Sharon. Life is so good.