Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have been in such a funk that I haven't even shown the project that we did in the mini workshop at the quilt festival. Lesley Riley introduced all to Lutradur. This was one sheet of Lutradur approximately 8" by 16". It is folded and with one slit partially through the center it can be made into an 8 page booklet.
Lutradur is a non-woven polyester interlining. You can paint it, color it, burn it, stamp it, write on it, and collage on it and with it. And we tried all of that. Lots of fun.
We used Crayola Oil Pastels which excited me the most. They are rich vibrant colors as you can see and easy to blend. We used our finger to blend. The oil pastels come in a box of 28 for $4.99. Definitely a new art supply for me.
You can google Lutradur and Crayola to see more about these.
So, what I'm thinking now is that part of this will surely find its way into my True Colors Journal. Maybe on the hot pink and orange page. Don't you think?
More later,
PS I will tell about my ATC trades next time.


  1. Looks like lots of fun was had by all. I've play just a tiny bit with lutradur, but I'm thinking I'll have to check out those oil pastels for sure.

  2. Think it would look awesome on those pages in your True Colors book. Learn something new everyday - never heard of Lutradur! Beautiful.

  3. What lovely saturated colour and texture!

  4. Your wonderful images here convinced me that I have to try using some myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. lutradur looks like an interesting product, i'll look for it. and such rich vibrant colors...good ole crayola!