Saturday, November 04, 2006

International Quilt Festival

My friend Susan and I did make it to the International Quilt Festival in Houston on Thursday. We had a great time. We got there early and signed up for all the Mini workshops at "Make It U" sponsored by Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Class size was limited to 25 and we were both so lucky to get into the first one by Lesley Riley.
I need to go to Las Vegas with Susan. She is one lucky girl. We missed the drawing time for 2 of the classes but she was drawn for 4 of the 6. I took her place at one of them. Fun.
Here she is participating in "Surviving the Runway: The Ultimate Creative Challenge" conducted by Patricia Bolton. It was a fast paced collage challenge.
To sum it up, next time I want to go for at least 3 days to see everything. The quilt exhibit was out of this world and I didn't even have time to see all of it. We had so much fun, got back late and now I getting geared up to tackle November, house stuff, yard stuff, family stuff, stuffed turkey, and ART.
More later,


  1. Hey Sharon! We definately were on the same wavelength! Thanks for checking out my blog..."the other Sharon"

  2. Is that you in the bottom picture holding up your project ?? Will have to enlarge and see . YOu didn't show us your work !

    The Quilt Fest sounds wonderful. I have missed both this one and the one in chicago.....someday ! I will get there and enjoy the Make U workshops too I hope.

    Nora Dearest ! no no no ! that is not the Wren on the Cup ... that is a Baby Mourning Dove...I just put a note in my comments becuase you are not the first to say something about the bird on the cup being the wren. No...that happened so quick while I was sitting at the table writing it shocked me ! I was worried about it gettng stuck in the house and it surprised me because if there are any birds in the house they are usually from the cats. This one just flew right in the front door, looked around and flew out ! And it landed on a can of Godiva Hot Choco mix on the counter. It really startled me and made me laugh. Those little wrens are so brave !

  3. Oh what fun you must have had!!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!!!