Saturday, July 05, 2008

Holiday Art

OK, you know the routine. I paint, I photo, I must show.

Thank you so much for all the "my day wishes". They made my day. It was great. I wanted a personal DVD player for my art desk so I could watch movies while ARTing and dh gave me a personal laptop. He's the best.

I was tickled to hear that some of the napkin swappers received their packages on "my day" That was just little bit of strateegarey on my part.
So here is the starting sketch I started early on my holiday day off. FUN ART DAY!

starting to cover white canvas

adding color and collage papers

adding more color
beautiful napkin added

for size reference
(that little sister is still available)

16 X 20
Enough now,


  1. I think this is lovely, you are so good at hands, they are really hard to do!

  2. I just love watching your work unfold! It is a creative blessing!
    Take Care

  3. WOWZERS this is gorgeous! I love seeing the step by step of your process! Have a wonderful day!

  4. She is beautiful, loved seeing her in progress. Hope you are having a great weekend..


  5. Sharon, Even when you lay out the steps for all of us to's still a mystery to me how you make such beautiful images. The artist's touch is alive and well in you. She's very beautiful. Glad you had a great "day" and received that personal'll love that...and deserve it too! Pat at birdnestontheground

    PS. I'm lost in a sea of napkins....what a wonderful dilemma!

  6. She's huge!....and beautiful.
    Hope you are having an artful weekend as well.
    xo suze

  7. i love seeing your process sharon, she is a stunner :))

  8. Hi This is very beautiful and serene. Belinda

  9. Sharon I have been a lurker to your blog for many months now. I just wanted to tell you this is my most favorite sister yet, I am so taken by the coloring in the face, and her expression is lovely. You have been one of my favorite 3 artists I have to check in on every day. You are a great source of inspiration to me, and because of you, I had to try my hand at painted ladies, as they were the first I ran across, and I was just mesmerized. If you take a peek, please don't laugh, still walking far behind you, and have much to learn. It is a relief to finally leave you a comment, and let you know you are my hero!
    Thanks for being who you are.
    Take Care,

  10. Another winner...and the hand doesn't need changing...

    Looks great,

  11. I just love looking at the process. Another wonderful lady!

  12. I really appreciate that you show us your work unfolding. I've been fascinated with mixed media art for about 6 months. So far I have collected items and products to use, but have not done much with them. It's a bit intimidating. You make it seems fun and low-pressure! Thanks.

  13. Love seeing your process of creating this lovely painting. I received my napkins yesterday (the 5th). What a fun package! The envelope art is wonderful, and the extra goodies, too. Thank you SOO much!

  14. How utterly beautiful!
    I am a frequent visitor - I adore your work.

  15. Lovely, lovely, Sharon! I love using hands with my lady portraits too. So much of what we do and who we are as women, especially women who create, involves our hands.
    best belated birthday wishes,

  16. Sharon, I received your parcel this morning, thank yo so much for all the beautiful napkins and papers! *^v^*

  17. It's such a treat to watch your process for creating your beautiful art! Thanks!!


  18. This is a lovely larger canvas with one of the sisters. I like watching different things that you used appear in your different paintings (for instance the passion stamp in this one). There is such a coherence to your work.


  19. Hi Sharon, Just thinking of you and visiting. This is my favorite of your paintings yet. Probably because it reminds me of my "sisters" and their social butterfly parties, bubbles, music, passion, and flowers under the play house. My "sisters" are playing paper dolls right now - not with the ones you sent - those are proudly on display in their room.
    love, Kris-10 and the "sisters"

  20. hi Aunt Sharon,
    How was your birthday? I hope it was fun. I just wanted to say hi.

    sister#1 (Linnea)

  21. Stunning love the serene colourings

  22. Your work is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I really like the bold colors you used in your previous post! You are one very talented artist! :)

  23. Sharon, this is so ethereal and so stunning. I really, really love her face and the soft colors of the canvas. Beautiful work, my friend.
    And may I say I love my postcard!!! What a delightful surprise. Thank you for thinking of me.

    xo Rella

  24. Want to see what an inspiration you are? Visit my katydiddys blog. Thanks for the tutuorial on the napkins-I'm having great fun with them.

  25. REally gorgeous! It is such a pleasure to observe a master!


  26. what a BEAUTIFUL transformation you've recorded here! Lovely painting-- as always!

  27. Hi, I wanted you to know that I chose you to nominate for a ‘brilliant blog award’. I enjoy browsing your blog and wanted to let others know about you! Have a great day! Check out my blog to see and then you can choose too.

  28. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you so much for showing all the steps. This piece is beautiful, and I love seeing the evolution.

    I was painting like crazy this holiday weekend too! Tons of fun.

    I am having a contest on my blog to give away one of my new Dirty Footprints reusable cloth grocery bags!!! Come check it out:

    Peace & Love.

  29. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing the process... I love seeing others' work in detail. I found you thru Judy Wise's blog. Lucky Me.


  30. This is delightful....I am never disappointed, you do such lovely
    Sisters, this one has really touched me.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  31. Just beautiful. I love the color palette and the composition!

  32. Happy Birthday! Love your newest artwork. I'd love to see a YouTube video of your step by step process! Keep thinking about that...and I have to remember to send you some napkins!

  33. Very lovely! You have a way with gorgeous, dreamy faces! =) And the hand...oh, I just love the hand!

    I was given an award, which I have passed on to you - you can check it out when you have time.

    Take care! Donna

  34. She is lovely! I love how you show step by step your process! I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a blog award. Check my blog for details.

  35. Sharon, Love what you do, as you know...please go to my blog,, as today I nominated you for two awards. Thanks for all you do! Pat

  36. love the whimsical, romantic images you paint, and passion is one of my favorite words!

    best to you,

  37. I love, love, love your work!
    The style, the colors palette, the sheer whimsy of it!!!
    Very ethereal, very lovely. :)


  38. Your artwork is always so eye-popping gorgeous! I love watching your progress as you show the different scas of your progression. I almost feel like I'm there watching you paint (which would be a REAL treat).

    It's been so long since I've blogged that I'm having a ball going through all of your recent posts. You are a true talent!

  39. This is lovely !
    You makes great art work !
    Love Rini the Netherlands


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